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Last active January 31, 2024 01:24
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launchctl stop && launchctl start
vers=$( sw_vers | grep BuildVersion | awk '{print substr($2,0,2)}' )
if [[ "${vers}" > "18" ]]; then
cd "${sdir}"
# First let's check if the directory we're adding already exists
let index="`plutil -extract Exclusions xml1 -o - VolumeConfiguration.plist | grep string | grep -wn "${search_string}" | cut -d ':' -f 1` - 1"
if [ $index -lt 0 ]; then
echo Not in array, let\'s add it in.
plutil -insert Exclusions.0 -string ${search_string} "${sdir}/VolumeConfiguration.plist"
echo Already in array, not doing anything.
# Now we restart mds to apply the changes
launchctl stop && launchctl start
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