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Uses the SubtleCrypto interface of the Web Cryptography API to hash a message using SHA-256.
* Returns SHA-256 hash from supplied message.
* @param {String} message.
* @returns {String} hash as hex string.
* @example
* sha256('abc').then(hash => console.log(hash));
* const hash = await sha256('abc');
async function sha256(message) {
const msgUint8 = new TextEncoder().encode(message); // encode as (utf-8) Uint8Array
const hashBuffer = await crypto.subtle.digest('SHA-256', msgUint8); // hash the message
const hashArray = Array.from(new Uint8Array(hashBuffer)); // convert buffer to byte array
const hashHex = => b.toString(16).padStart(2, '0')).join(''); // convert bytes to hex string
return hashHex;

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chrisveness commented Jun 21, 2018

Note that access to the WebCrypto API is restricted to secure origins (e.g. https).

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