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Show hidden files and hidden folders (except .git) in your TextMate project drawer
# Want to show hidden files and folders in your TextMate project drawer? Simple, just modify the file and folder patterns in TextMate's preferences.
# Instructions:
# Go to TextMate > Preferences...
# Click Advanced
# Select Folder References
# Replace the following:
# File Pattern
# Folder Pattern
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rceee commented May 14, 2013

Nice job! Kudos for this Gist

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TextMate 2. Per-project setting (in file .tm_properties, in project folder):


This will show hidden file .ftpssh_settings in File Browser.

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dgageot commented Aug 6, 2013


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beley commented Aug 28, 2013

Kudos... thanks for this. Exactly what I needed.

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rgbink commented Sep 11, 2013

Thank. You. So. Much. I have tried everything and (finally) Google. And here you are. ;-)

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I kinda like having the .git folder there so I went with:

File pattern


Folder pattern


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atErik commented Aug 18, 2020

in TextMate v2.0.6 , i see these:

default "Exclude files matching" : {*.{o,pyc},Icon\r,CVS,_darcs,_MTN,\{arch\},blib,*\~.nib}
default "Include files matching" : {*,.tm_properties,.htaccess}
Non-text files : {*.{ai,bz2,flv,gif,gz,icns,ico,jpg,jpeg,m4v,nib,o,pdf,png,psd,pyc,rtf,scssc,swf,tar,tbz,tgz,tif,tiff,zip},Icon\r}

What to change to show all hidden files+folders (in MacOS) in file-browser pane of TextMate ?

goto TextMate > Preferences > Projects , and change the "Include..." box regex to this:

What to change to show hidden files+folders except .git in your TextMate project drawer ?

change the "Include..." box regex to this (to show all hidden files+folders):
and to exclude the .git, add that in-end of "Exclude..." box, like below:

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