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Privacy Community feedback on the state of WKWebView

Privacy Community feedback on the state of WKWebView

We are developers working on ways to empower users on the Web and help them protect their privacy. Based on our collective experience of creating privacy-preserving technologies for iOS, we have collected and curated a list of the most pressing short-comings of WKWebView (i.e. WebKit WebView). If addressed, these have the potential to positively impact the ecosystem at large, and benefit all users.

Our hope is that this work, supported by some of the most well-known companies acting in the privacy field, will help Apple and the WebKit community prioritize their effort and identify which improvements would be the most impactful.

The following list is the first iteration of our work, and we would like to invite more parties to collaborate on this in the future. We also wish to engage in a fruitful collaboration with Apple and WebKit engineers to help move the ecosystem forward, in a way that benefits all users.

Storage & Storage Policy



User Scripts

Block List




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@chrmod chrmod commented Jan 30, 2020


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@AshleyScirra AshleyScirra commented Feb 19, 2020

FWIW some WKWebView issues we've run in to:

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