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Christian Wolff chrw

  • Stuttgart, Germany
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It was the second day of the long weekend; I was watching Money Heist on Netflix (a good one to watch, free recommendation by a human), and in-between, I got the slack notification on one channel, "Is something wrong with our application?" By the time I will start my MacBook to check, another slack message "application is not running, pod status says Evicted." Luckily, the application was in a pre-prod environment, but we want pod up & running. It looks like an effortless task; restart the pod, right? We did, pod evicted again in some time. The application code was simple and shouldn't be consuming many resources of the K8s cluster. Frankly, before this, we haven't encountered such an issue, and we weren't sure about the solution, and there start a saga of pod eviction resolution. Eviction is a complex topic, many factors, objects and policies involved; Let's get started with basics and slowly building the related corresponding concepts. In this first post, I am targeting to cover the pod phase, status,

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