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Last active Jul 3, 2016
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var jobType = new GraphQLObjectType({
name: 'Job',
description: 'A job',
fields: () => ({
id: globalIdField('Job'),
name: {
type: GraphQLString,
description: 'The name of the job',
resolve: (job) =>,
salary: {
type: GraphQLInt,
description: 'The salary of the job',
resolve: (job) => job.salary,
location: {
type: GraphQLString,
description: 'The place of the job',
resolve: (job) => job.location
detail: {
type: GraphQLString,
description: 'The detail explanation of the job',
resolve: (job) => job.detail
hasApplied: {
type: GraphQLBoolean,
description: 'If the user applied for this job or not',
resolve: (job) => job.hasApplied
interfaces: [nodeInterface],
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