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Simple "StopWatch" class to measure PHP execution time. The class can handle multiple separate timers at the same time
class StopWatch {
* @var $startTimes array The start times of the StopWatches
private static $startTimes = array();
* Start the timer
* @param $timerName string The name of the timer
* @return void
public static function start($timerName = 'default') {
self::$startTimes[$timerName] = microtime(true);
* Get the elapsed time in seconds
* @param $timerName string The name of the timer to start
* @return float The elapsed time since start() was called
public static function elapsed($timerName = 'default') {
return microtime(true) - self::$startTimes[$timerName];
// start the timer
// your script - this is an example
// check how long 2 seconds is...
echo 'Elapsed time: ' . StopWatch::elapsed() . ' seconds';

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@mugiwara007 mugiwara007 commented Jan 15, 2021

how can i start using a button and stop using also a button please help!

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