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The topic intro for 2017.10.15 DigitalOcean Hsinchu、2017.11.11 Study-Area Tainan.

DevOps 人一定要知道的持續交付技巧 - Ansible & GitLab CI 實戰演練

2017/11/01 此頁面已不再維護,請移至 GitLab 上觀看。


Ansible 是個與 Puppet, Salt, Chef 並列其四的 Infrastructure as Code 組態設定工具,其簡單易用的特性讓人愛不釋手;GitLab 是業界常見的 Git 私有版本控制服務,搭配其 GitLab CI 更能建立屬於自己的發佈流程。


在活動開始之前,請先設置好 AnsibleGit 的操作環境,以加速活動進行。

  1. 若對 Git 不熟可參考凍仁先前的簡報「Git and Github basic with SourceTree」( 。
  2. 若您沒有拿手的開發工具,可先參考「10. Ansible 的開發工具有哪些? | 現代 IT 人一定要知道的 Ansible 自動化組態技巧」( 一文進行設置。
  3. 進階與會者可事先安裝 Docker,若對 Docker 不熟,但對 Docker 有興趣的伙伴可參考凍仁先前的簡報「前端工程師一定要知道的 Docker 虛擬化容器技巧」( 。




追求偉大 DevOps 航道的黑手 Engineer,有著自由軟體精神與一鍵部署之魂,並期許有朝一日能親身參與《鳳凰項目》中的「獨角獸團隊」。

The Continuous Delivery tips of DevOps engineer must be know

Topic intro

Ansible is an infrastructure as Code configuration tool like Puppet, Salt, Chef. It's more easy to get start and use; GitLab is a git private version control service, and it's very common in the enterprise. We can build �the release flows with GItLab CI for us.

This time, I will let everyone experience the world of continuous delivery and automation with workshop !

Before this event, please set up your Ansible and Git.

  1. If you are not familiar the Git, you can see .
  2. If you do not have some gool development tools, you can see .
  3. If you are advanced attendees, please set up the Docker. If you are not familiar the Docker, you can see .

Speaker intro

Chu-Siang Lai

A software engineer, like free software and automated deployment, and hope that one day can participate the "Unicorn team" of《The Phoenix project》.

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