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  • Resource of Resources: Resilience Engineering
    • Resilience Engineering is the pursuit of continuously evaluating and strengthening our sociotechnical systems to handle both known and unknown scenarios they might encounter. I find resilience engineering techniques very helpful for coping with surprise and encouraging an adaptive mindset when problems inevitably arise within whatever software you are developing.
  • Some Drawbacks of the Cloud in ranty fashion
    • Rachelbythebay has many stories from their software engineering experiences, and they highlight the complexities in the field. This post is a little ranty, but serves as a useful reminder that new technologies, and new technology landscapes like relying on Amazon, Google, and Microsoft to host our distributed systems, come with inherent tradeoffs and (possibly overlooked) hazards. I particularly like reading critiques of the latest craze because it helps keep me healthily skeptical of the industry and motivated to meaningfully research new solutions.
  • Dev's Thoughts on Managing a Scaling Scenario in a Job Interview
    • This post is a good walk-through of a systems design scenario you might encounter applying for a senior engineering role at a large company. I like this post particularly because the author's tone does not have the usual bluster of a "job-prep" post. I also think the post does a good job at balancing giving an overview of what an adequate answer looks like, while keeping the post relatively lightweight and letting the reader pursue the finer details of each part of the answer if needed.
  • Uncovering Secrets in Python Bytecode
    • An interesting way to learn about the internals of how python interprets code via unintentional leakage of sensitive credentials.
  • SQL Keys in Depth
  • History of Unicode
  • Basics of Serialization
  • How to Build a Search Engine
  • Database Replication
  • Fritzfrog Botnet
  • Different Types of DoS
  • The challenge with effective causal analysis
    • A discussion on the challenges inherent to causal analysis of breakdowns in a complex system. Two important takeaways:
      • "Different people are likely to create different events from the flow."
      • "Where people stop in analyzing a causal chain of decomposed events is very subjective. It can vary from individual to individual, team to team, etc…"
  • Developing SLOs at Glitch
  • Different Shapes of SRE
  • Misuse of Webpacker in Rails Apps
  • Demystifying Service Proxies, Sidecars, and Pods
  • All About Daemons
  • An attempt at simple, clear, non-technical explanation of the internet
  • Hacking Apple
    • Like Incident Reports, reading developer writeups of vulnerabilities always yields at least one useful takeaway. It is a good reminder too that no system, no matter the size of the company behind it, is 100% secure (often times very far from it)
  • Cute Comic on HTTPS and Fundamental Cryptography Concepts
  • One Developer's Experience working on bug bounties for 4 years
  • OpenSSH Vulnerability
  • Big Projects Accomplished by Small Teams
  • Software Companies' Test Practices
  • A Collection of Resources on System Design
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