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Created Nov 2, 2013
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A quick alias in irssi to save the scrollback log to a file. I recently turned on logging (/set autolog ON), and wanted to save what scrollback I'd kept as well. After some reading up, this should add the /logsb command, which stores logs for the current channel in the same place as the default logging, in files tagged .scrollback.log. The alias…
/alias logsb lastlog -file ~/irclogs/${tag}/${C}.${F}_${Z}.scrollback.log
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nicowilliams commented Oct 27, 2016

/alias logsb eval lastlog -file ~/irclogs/${tag}/${C}.${F}_${Z}.scrollback.log

Works for me. You have to mkdir ~/irclogs/freenode or whatever the "server tag" is.

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ehashman commented Oct 20, 2020

I suggest adding -date to the lastlog arguments. Otherwise you just get a mess of timestamps without the corresponding dates.

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