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#Mac OS x note

Install Homebrew (brew for friends)

Brew is a package manager for Mac OS x, you can install it by run following command in the terminal:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
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#basic stamp #serial #bs2 #rs232 #bus pirate #electronics
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#Basic Stamp serial interface

The Basic Stamp 2 expose a RS232 serial port (some models have an integrate USB-to-Serial circuit) that is used for the download of a new program in the EEPROM and for debug. The RS232 standard work in the range of -15 to +15 volts.

The BS2 have a RS232 adapter with a circuit that change the -15/+15V range to the 0/5V need for the PIC.

The Basic Stamp 2 serial port comunicate at 9600 baud, None, 8, 1 idle and use 3 line: RX, TX and DTR, there are also a loop back of RTS to DSR. The Basic Stamp Editor provide a debug window, the output of the DEBUG commands are sent over the PIC TX line and are shown here.

Serial output with screen