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Notes from Talk with Social Media specialist
Initial plan:
1. Reach to friends who own or are connected to media networks to see if there's a fit and hopefully get them to publicize in a biz deal
2. Do a soft launch on facebook and get feed back
Marketing Plan:
1. Get your social media in order
* Why?
Trying to get product out in front of media
coverage and media
They will try to check you out on social media.
Likes on facebook.
Social media is way for people to get a feel for the brand
Social media is usually the first way people discover a product
Consistent message across all three platforms.
Regular postings and tweets across media platforms
We need a content strategy. How do we produce content in such a way that is valuable to the user and the product?
Use your pages to promote your product and build a tie-in
Look at related stuff. Psychology today. Other people's articles.
Tweet about it.
Promote others to promote yourself.
We're also an app that covers this.
Build a community for people to share in self help
Everybody will start to know you after you keep posting.
Build and formulate a community as a six month goal.
Share a posting from your facebook page to the group.
Add an additional content.
Share relevant content from your facebook page to the communities you're a part of.
Facebook has a different way to build a community.
Twitter and instagram are evervescent.
1. Writing social media content
Outsource this. Get an intern to do social media. It's almost summer.
Person can cover doing instagram, facebook, and twitter pages.
Social media intern.
Is snapchat worth it?
Spend about five hours a week on the content production.
Train them on everything about the product. What their product is?
Get them to build the community and sell the product.
Write up a guide for your intern.
Do we need to post every day? Curate content.
An hour a day.
Use facebook to prepare content in advance.
I have to supervise content and set standards.
What is the culture behind pensiv?
Social media person acts as the PR person for interviews and process.
Have the social media person email pitch news agencies and blogs to talk about the post.
3. Media Kit
If possible, try to make a video. 1 - 3 minutes long.
We need a page for demographics.
Take out the most important data points from your marketing strategy and the most important facts that the media needs to know.
Reader Demographics.
There are 77 million millenials. Who is the group I'm after?
Income guestimations.
Take the data points to generate copy.
Create a separate little page for a media kit. Have demographic data here:
a. generation
b. Income
c. Location. Fact most of them are in metro urban areas.
Media kit Page:
a. Mission Statement
b. Demographics
c. Income
d. Location
e. Industry
f. Keywords - Value Propositions
- Have a sentence or two describe fulfills the keyword
- Pick no more than 3-5 words. 4 is optimal.
- Each keyword should be distinct.
g. Contact
- Media Inquiries && press inquiries
- Either create a form they fill out and when they fill out the form it goes directly to the PR person
- Hyperlink the email.
Reach out to smaller media orgs because they're looking for topics to write about.
Build up credibility. This is part of the pitching process.
Start with more upstart blogs.
As a part of press, make a press page. Should be a separate page eventually.
This page shows all pages you've been featured on.
5. What am I looking for in a candidate?
At least six months working with social media in a professional environment.
List social media outlets: twitter, instagram, and facebook
Must have excellent written and verbal communication.
Translate content for various social media platforms. Write a little differently for facebook, twitter, and instagram.
Must be able to write professional emails.
Unafraid of researching and pitching product to media outlets.
press release:
a descriptive for a brand that is sent out to a wide array of outlets <== a press release service
Stock images:
free stock videos
getty images
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