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Options for determining what migrations need to be run
[cjcolvar@localhost avalon]$ bundle exec rake db:version
Current version: 20160511155417
[cjcolvar@localhost avalon]$ bundle exec rake db:migrate:status
database: /home/cjcolvar/Code/avalon/avalon/db/development.sqlite3
Status Migration ID Migration Name
up 20120202180525 Devise create users
up 20120202180540 Create searches
up 20120202180541 Create bookmarks
up 20120202180542 Remove editable fields from bookmarks
up 20120202180543 Add user types to bookmarks searches
up 20120202180831 Create superusers
up 20120817152739 Workflow status
up 20120820182711 Workflow to ingest
up 20120820201159 Change ingest status flag
up 20120912183443 Add columns to users
up 20120918154531 Create identities
up 20121017153630 Add email to users
up 20121017153957 Add guest to users
up 20121109145441 Create delayed jobs
up 20121114175231 Remove ingest status
up 20121203050857 Create stream tokens
up 20121219173255 Create table ingest batch
up 20130108163856 Add name to ingest batch
up 20130211152936 Create role map
up 20130827143821 R2 avalon config
up 20130827145729 R2 group migration
up 20130827150031 R1 content to r2
up 20130926173238 R1to r2 clean user table
up 20140131223814 Create courses
up 20140218202613 Add title to course
up 20140306160513 Remove hydra migrate
up 20140306225510 R2 content to r3
up 20140521132807 Add sessions table
up 20140903161907 Add polymorphic type to bookmarks.blacklight
up 20150601145809 Active encode success
up 20150629150821 Remap streaming urls
up 20150707213944 Increase session data
up 20150824155143 R3 media object to r4
up 20151201164326 Add date digitized to master file
up 20160105181819 Derivative add managed
up 20160122203634 Add resource types to display metadata
up 20160420024757 ********** NO FILE **********
up 20160420024758 ********** NO FILE **********
up 20160422052041 ********** NO FILE **********
up 20160427165749 Create playlists
up 20160428133859 Create playlist items
up 20160511155417 Create annotations
down 20160617182647 Change avalon annotation to avalon clip
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