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fcrepo_wrapper config that enables jmx
# Place any default configuration for solr_wrapper here
port: 8984
enable_jms: false
fcrepo_home_dir: tmp/fcrepo4-development-data
- '-Dfcrepo.log.http.api=WARN'
- '-Dfcrepo.log.kernel=ERROR'
- '-Dfcrepo.home=tmp/fcrepo4-development-data'
- '-Dfcrepo.spring.jms.configuration=file:///Users/cjcolvar/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.3.1/gems/fcrepo_wrapper-0.7.0/data/spring-noop.xml'
- ''
- ''
- '-Xmx512m'

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commented May 19, 2017

This enables jmx when running a fedora server via fcrepo_wrapper. You'll need to copy the java options from the running fedora process before you make these changes so you can get the path to the spring-noop.xml file. Once you have fedora running with this config then you can use jconsole to see a little bit more details about a running fedora server.

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