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Template SAS program to fetch data from Google Analytics. Requires that you set up your own account and API project in Google developer console. Uses PROC HTTP and JSON libname engine. See blog post here:
/* Copyright 2017 SAS Institute */
/* Author: Chris Hemedinger */
/* */
/* Use the Google Developer console to define a project */
/* and application, and generate a client-id and client-secret token */
/* Of course, you'll need access to a Google Analytics account with at */
/* least one view profile that allows access to metrics and dimensions. */
/* STEP 1. Need to perform just once in a BROWSER. */
/* To authorize: Use the following URL while logged into your Google account */
/* You will be prompted to allow the "app" access to your GA data (read only) */
/* Then, you'll be redirected to a web page with an auth code */
/* That code value must be used as the "code_given" macro variable */
/* Setting the redirect_uri like so is SUPER IMPORTANT: */
/* redirect_uri=urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob */
/* Otherwise the API won't generate a code that you can use in a tool-based */
/* app like SAS */
/* URL is displayed here on multiple lines for readability, but you'll need */
/* it to be all on one line in the browser address bar. */
/* STEP 2. Need to perform just once by running in SAS. */
/* Next, run this step with the POST method to exchange that auth code for */
/* an access token. It will return a JSON with a valid Bearer access token */
/* That token expires 3600 seconds (1 hour) */
/* It also returns a refresh_token, which you can exchange again for a new */
/* access token after the first one expires */
/* The refresh token never expires (though it can be revoked via console or */
/* API */
/* You're running this just once to get the access token; after that, use */
/* the refresh token to get a fresh one on subsequent runs */
/* Direct the "token" fileref to a place that you can read and save. */
filename token "c:\temp\token.json";
%let code_given =<code-returned-from-step-1> ;
%let oauth2=;
%let client_id=<your-client-id>;
%let client_secret= <your-client-secret>;
proc http
/* NOTE: the refresh token and client-id/secret should be PROTECTED. */
/* Anyone who has access to these can get your GA data as if they */
/* were you. */
/* STEP 3. Do this every time you want to use the GA API */
/* Turn in a refresh-token for a valid access-token */
/* Should be good for 60 minutes */
/* So typically run once at beginning of the job. */
%let oauth2=;
%let client_id=<your-client-id>;
%let client_secret= <your-client-secret>;
%let refresh_token=<refresh-token-from-step-2>;
filename rtoken temp;
proc http
/* Read the access token out of the refresh response */
/* Relies on the JSON libname engine (9.4m4 or later) */
libname rtok json fileref=rtoken;
data _null_;
set rtok.root;
call symputx('access_token',access_token);
/* STEP 4. Finally, use the GA API to get some data! */
/* In this scenario, we are fetching the daily page-level */
/* metrics for a range of dates, so making one API call */
/* per day in the range */
/* Set the start date and enddate so we know which days to fetch */
%let startdate=%sysevalf('30Jan2017'd);
%let enddate = %sysfunc(today());
/* Metrics and dimensions are defined in the Google Analytics doc */
/* Experiment in the developer console for the right mix */
/* Your scenario might be different and would require a different */
/* type of query */
/* The GA API will "number" the return elements as */
/* element1, element2, element3 and so on */
/* In my example, path and title will be 1 and 2 */
%let dimensions= %sysfunc(urlencode(%str(ga:pagePath,ga:pageTitle)));
/* then pageviews, uniquepageviews, timeonpage will be 3, 4, 5, etc. */
%let metrics= %sysfunc(urlencode(%str(ga:pageviews,ga:uniquePageviews,ga:timeOnPage,ga:entrances,ga:exits)));
/* this ID is the "View ID" for the GA data you want to access */
%let id= %sysfunc(urlencode(%str(ga:<your-view-ID>)));
%macro getGAdata;
%do workdate = &enddate %to &startdate %by -1;
%let urldate=%sysfunc(putn(&workdate.,yymmdd10.));
filename ga_resp temp;
proc http
method="GET" out=ga_resp;
"Authorization"="Bearer &access_token."
libname garesp json fileref=ga_resp;
data ga.ga_daily%sysfunc(compress(&urldate.,'-')) (drop=element:);
set garesp.rows;
drop ordinal_root ordinal_rows;
length date 8 url $ 300 title $ 250
views 8 unique_views 8 time_on_page 8 entrances 8 exits 8
format date yymmdd10.;
/* Corerce the elements into data variables */
/* Basic on expected sequence */
url = element1;
title = element2;
views = input(element3, 5.);
unique_views = input(element4, 6.);
time_on_page=input(element5, 7.2);
entrances = input(element6, 6.);
exits = input(element7, 6.);
/* Assemble the daily files into one data set */
data alldays_gadata;
set ga.ga_daily:;
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