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A snippet to automatically call virtualenvwrapper's "workon" command when entering a directory in the shell. This can be added to your .profile, .bash_profile, .bashrc, etc.
# Call virtualenvwrapper's "workon" if .venv exists. This is modified from--
# which is linked from--
check_virtualenv() {
if [ -e .venv ]; then
env=`cat .venv`
echo "Found .venv in directory. Calling: workon ${env}"
workon $env
venv_cd () {
builtin cd "$@" && check_virtualenv
# Call check_virtualenv in case opening directly into a directory (e.g
# when opening a new tab in
# Add the following to ~/.bash_aliases:
# alias cd="venv_cd"

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@cjerdonek cjerdonek commented Nov 21, 2013

It would be good to update this so that venv_cd wraps cd if cd has already been aliased (without falling into the recursion trap pointed out here by @dorkitude).


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@clneagu clneagu commented Dec 16, 2013

workon should only be called if the venv isn't already initialized

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