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#lang racket
(require plot)
(define xdata '(10 25 50 100 200))
(define ydata '(5181 7346 8199 8886 8878))
(parameterize ([plot-font-family 'default]
[plot-font-size 16]
[plot-width 800]
[plot-height 600])
(plot (list
(function (lambda (_) 2362) 0 200
#:color 'blue
#:style 'short-dash)
(for/list ([x (in-list xdata)]
[y (in-list ydata)])
(vector x y))))
#:x-min 0
#:x-max 200
#:y-min 0
#:y-max 10000
#:x-label "Batch size"
#:y-label "Objects processed / s"
#:out-file (expand-user-path "~/Pictures/mapreduce_batch_profiling.svg")))
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