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Last active Jul 3, 2019
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Windows 10 Preview Terminal Ubuntu Theme

The new windows 10 terminal preview looks great, but for those using Ubuntu with WSL, it is lacking that Ubuntu feel. Lets change that.

Install Ubuntu Fonts

  1. Download Ubuntu fonts from here:
  2. After unzipping, select all fonts, right click and install.

Add theme to Windows 10 Terminal

  1. Open the Windows 10 Preview Terminal
  2. Select "settings" in the drop-down arrow (located in the title bar).
  3. Add this to your "schemes":
    "background" : "#300A24",
    "black" : "#0C0C0C",
    "blue" : "#3465A4",
    "brightBlack" : "#555753",
    "brightBlue" : "#729FCF",
    "brightCyan" : "#34E2E2",
    "brightGreen" : "#8AE234",
    "brightPurple" : "#AD7FA8",
    "brightRed" : "#EF2929",
    "brightWhite" : "#EEEEEE",
    "brightYellow" : "#FCE94F",
    "cyan" : "#06989A",
    "foreground" : "#F2F2F2",
    "green" : "#4E9A06",
    "name" : "Ubuntu",
    "purple" : "#75507B",
    "red" : "#CC0000",
    "white" : "#D3D7CF",
    "yellow" : "#C4A000"
  1. Find the profile with "commandline" : "wsl.exe -d Ubuntu-18.04"
  2. If you installed the Ubuntu Font, change "fontFace" to "Ubuntu Mono"
  3. Finally, change "colorScheme" to "Ubuntu" and save the json file.
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