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Created February 4, 2016 02:46
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Access Information to try! Swift


try! Swift is being held in CyberAgent, Inc.'s Seminar Room on the 13th floor of Shibuya Mark City. Getting there can be a little unintuitive for first-timers, so it might be a good idea to come a little bit early.

Shibuya Mark City Area

Shibuya Mark City is located directly across from Shibuya Station. From the JR Lines or Subways, follow the signs towards the Keio Inokashira Line (京王井の頭線). If you arrive by the Keio Inokashira Line, you will already be in the right building.

Mark City Area Map

Floor Map

Once you arrive, head to the 4th Floor Shopping and Reastaurant Avenue.

Mark City Floor Map

Fourth Floor

Mark City 4F Map

On the Fourth Floor, there are two escalators you can take to the Fifth Floor, depending on which direction you came from.

The first elevator is convenient if you are coming in from Dogenzaka entrance. It's in between numbers 11 and 12 in the floor map above.

Mark City 4F Escalator 1

The next one might be easier if you are coming from Shibuya Station. It can be found near number 8 on the floor map above.

Mark City 4F Escalator 1

Fifth Floor

Mark City 5F Map

There are a lot of elevators on the Fifth Floor Office Lobby. It doesn't matter which one you get in, they an all take you to CyberAgent, Inc. on the 13th Floor.

Mark City 5th Floor Elevators

Thirteenth Floor Seminar Room

Once you get out of the elevator on the 13th Floor, turn immediately to your left, and walk to to the seminar room at the end.

CyberAgent, Inc. Seminar Room

Looking forward to seeing you!

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