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Example of how to capture group values using Regular expressions in Swift
import UIKit
struct FilmSeries {
var title: String
var season: Int?
var episode: Int?
var series = [
FilmSeries(title: "Pilot", season: 1, episode: 1),
FilmSeries(title: "The Party", season: 1, episode: 2),
FilmSeries(title: "Season 1 Episode 3 - When Joey meets Zoey", season: nil, episode: nil)
func findSeasonAndEpisodeFrom(title: String) -> (Int?, Int?) {
var seasonNumber: Int?
var episodeNumber: Int?
let pattern = "^Season\\s+(?<season>\\d+)\\s+Episode\\s+(?<episode>\\d+)"
let regex = try? NSRegularExpression(pattern: pattern, options: .caseInsensitive)
if let match = regex?.firstMatch(in: title, options: [], range: NSRange(location: 0, length: title.utf16.count)) {
if let seasonRange = Range(match.range(withName: "season"), in: title) {
seasonNumber = Int(title[seasonRange])
if let episodeRange = Range(match.range(withName: "episode"), in: title) {
episodeNumber = Int(title[episodeRange])
return (seasonNumber, episodeNumber)
findSeasonAndEpisodeFrom(title: "Season 1 Episode 3 - When Joey meets Zoey")
findSeasonAndEpisodeFrom(title: "Season 1 - When Joey meets Zoey")
findSeasonAndEpisodeFrom(title: "Episode 3 - When Joey meets Zoey")
findSeasonAndEpisodeFrom(title: "When Joey meets Zoey")
let updartedSeries = { (series: FilmSeries) -> FilmSeries in
if series.season == nil {
let (season, episode) = findSeasonAndEpisodeFrom(title: series.title)
return FilmSeries(title: series.title, season: season, episode: episode)
return series
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