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Build your own android-28 sources

Build "Sources for Android 28" so you can comfortably browse the Android API source in Android Studio.

  1. Collect source files
mkdir android-sdk-source-build
cd android-sdk-source-build

mkdir -p frameworks/base

# Fetch repositories that contain the sources we're interested in
git clone --depth 1 -b android-9.0.0_r3 frameworks/base
git clone --depth 1 -b android-9.0.0_r3
git clone --depth 1 -b android-9.0.0_r3

# Create a basic file
echo -e "Pkg.UserSrc=false\nPkg.Revision=1\nAndroidVersion.ApiLevel=28" >

# Modify the script to create a sources ZIP to use "android-28" as top-level directory
cat development/build/tools/ | sed -e 's/TOP_FOLDER = .*/TOP_FOLDER = "android-28"/' >

# Run the script to create
python -z .
  1. Extract into Android SDK source directory
unzip -d ${ANDROID_HOME}/sources
  1. Restart Android Studio and SDK sources should show up.

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@cketti cketti commented Aug 7, 2018

Or just download the ZIP: (32 MB)


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@rock3r rock3r commented Aug 7, 2018

I like the lazy approach 👍 thanks @cketti!


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@MIkeeJY MIkeeJY commented Aug 24, 2019

Anyone got android sdk 29 source code?


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@consp1racy consp1racy commented Sep 3, 2019


Replace android-9.0.0_r3 branches with android10-release branches.

# Create a basic file
echo -e "Pkg.UserSrc=false\nPkg.Revision=0\nAndroidVersion.ApiLevel=29" >

I used Pkg.Revision=0 so SDK manager can update to official revision 1 when it comes out.

Replace android-28 in the last two commands with android-29.

python .

I dropped the -z option because I run in Windows and there's no "zip system exec". You'll need Python 2.7 to run the script.

The rest is the same.


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