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Forked from geofflane/baseball.clj
Created April 25, 2014 15:33
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(ns baseball.core
(:require [clojure.core.async :refer (chan >!! <!! >! <! close! go go-loop)]
[clojure.core.match :refer (match)]))
;; It’s like playing catch in the backyard. You don’t want to play by yourself. So you tell a friend
;; to stand about 20 paces away from you. Once they’re there, they wave their arms to be sure you can
;; see them. Having seen them, you throw them the ball. They throw it back as a solid line drive
;; right at your mitt. End of process.
;; Unless, of course, your friend is recursive. And wants another ball…
;; Maybe you want to practice catching pop flies, though. Tell another friend to stand over there
;; somewhere. Call him “La Lob”. Have him let you know where he is. Throw him the ball. He’ll throw it
;; back in a graceful arc. And, assuming you made him to be recursive, he’ll keep standing there,
;; waiting for more, ready to send any balls back from whence they came in a graceful arc.
(defprotocol Player
(player-name [p])
(play [p]))
(defprotocol Friend
(walk [p] [p paces])
(throw-to [p ball]))
(deftype LazyLobber [ch nm max-cnt partner]
(player-name [p] nm)
(play [p]
[cnt max-cnt state :walking]
(let [[new-cnt new-state]
(case state
:walking (let [paces (<! ch)]
(println "Walking to position")
(Thread/sleep (* 100 paces))
(println "Ready to play")
(>! partner [:ready p])
[cnt :playing])
:playing (let [msg (<! ch)]
(println (str nm " got the ball (" cnt "). Throwing back."))
(if-not (pos? (dec cnt))
[(dec cnt) :done]
(>! partner [:ball p "Lazy Lob"])
[(dec cnt) state])))
:done (do
(println (str nm " is done playing."))
(>! partner [:stop p])
(close! ch)
[-1 :done]))]
(when (>= new-cnt 0)
(recur new-cnt new-state))))
(walk [p] (walk p 20))
(walk [p paces] (>!! ch paces))
(throw-to [p ball] (>!! ch ball)))
(def players (atom []))
(defn start-playing [p]
(swap! players conj p)
(throw-to p "Ball"))
(defn stop-playing [p]
(swap! players #(remove (fn [p1] (= (player-name p) (player-name p1))) %)))
(defn play-with [me &friends]
(play me)
(doseq [f &friends]
(walk (play f))))
(deftype Me [me-ch]
(player-name [me] "Geoff")
(play [me]
(let [ball (<! me-ch)]
;; (println ball)
(match [ball]
[[:ready p]] (start-playing p)
[[:stop p]] (stop-playing p)
[[:ball p msg]] (throw-to p msg)
:else (println "Got some message I don't know how to handle"))
(if (empty? @players)
(println "Game over, time to go home.")
;player two loop
(defn run []
(let [me-chan (chan)
me (Me. me-chan)
friend1 (LazyLobber. (chan) "Friend1" 30 me-chan)
friend2 (LazyLobber. (chan) "Friend2" 15 me-chan)
friend3 (LazyLobber. (chan) "Friend3" 5 me-chan)]
(play-with me [friend1 friend2 friend3])))
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