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Created May 9, 2018 04:10
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Simple Event Simulation in Clojure
(ns sim-cincyfp.core)
(def min (* 1000 60))
(def min5 (* 5 min))
(def min10 (* 10 min))
(def min15 (* 15 min))
(def min30 (* 30 min))
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Generating Events
(defn uniform [time-start time-end]
(let [diff (- time-end time-start)]
(long (+ time-start (* diff (rand))))))
(defn next-events [clock future-events]
(->> future-events
(sort-by :timestamp)
(partition-by #(>= clock (:timestamp %)))))
(defn gen-trans [clock id]
(let [del-time (uniform clock (+ clock min5))
pick-time (uniform (+ del-time min15)
(+ del-time min30))]
[{:type :delivery
:timestamp del-time
:id id}
{:type :pickup
:timestamp pick-time
:id id}]))
(defn generate-events
([clock num-trans]
(generate-events clock num-trans 1 [] []))
([clock num-trans id events future-events]
(if (zero? num-trans)
(into events future-events)
(let [next-trans (gen-trans clock id)
new-clock (get-in next-trans [0 :timestamp])
new-futures (into future-events next-trans)
[ev-proc ev-keep] (next-events new-clock new-futures)]
(recur new-clock
(dec num-trans)
(inc id)
(into events ev-proc)
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Simulating Events
(defn deliver-item [{:keys [lockers shelf]} {:keys [id]}]
(let [new-lockers (reduce (fn [lockers idx]
(let [{:keys [state]} (nth lockers idx)]
(if (= :empty state)
(update lockers idx
:item id
:state :occupied))
(range (count lockers)))
shelf (if (= lockers new-lockers)
(conj shelf id)
{:lockers new-lockers
:shelf shelf}))
(defn pickup-item [{:keys [lockers shelf]} {:keys [id]}]
(let [new-lockers (reduce (fn [lockers idx]
(let [{:keys [item]} (nth lockers idx)]
(if (= id item)
(reduced (assoc lockers idx {:state :empty}))
(range (count lockers)))
new-shelf (if (= lockers new-lockers)
(into [] (filter #(= % id) shelf))
{:lockers new-lockers
:shelf new-shelf}))
(defn simulate-event [world event]
(let [{:keys [type]} event]
(case type
:delivery (deliver-item world event)
:pickup (pickup-item world event))))
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Optimizing
(defn add-locker [world]
(update world :lockers conj {:state :empty}))
(defn optimized-sim [world event]
(let [new-world (simulate-event world event)]
(if (<= (count (:shelf new-world))
(count (:shelf world)))
(simulate-event (add-locker world) event))))
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Entry Point
(defn run-simulation []
(let [init-world {:lockers [{:state :empty}], :shelf []}
events (generate-events (System/currentTimeMillis) 4000000)]
(loop [world init-world
[event & r-events] events]
(when (or (nil? event) (zero? (mod (:id event) 100000)))
(println (count (:lockers world))
(count (filter #(= :empty (:state %)) (:lockers world)))))
(if (nil? event)
(recur (optimized-sim world event) r-events)))))
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