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Creates a floating pill of the Sandbox name or else the environment. To be used with Stylish
@namespace url(;
@-moz-document domain("") {
* this is where SFDC keeps the "Sandbox: xxx" message.
* the .messages element is empty if it's not a sandbox
#phHeader .messages .pageMsg.textOnly.normalImportance,
#phHeader .messages:empty::after {
background: #faebd7 none repeat scroll 0 0;
border: 2px outset #000000;
border-radius: 4em;
color: blueviolet;
display: inline-block;
font-size: large;
font-weight: normal;
opacity: 0.2;
padding: 4px 6px;
position: fixed;
right: 5em;
top: 3em;
z-index: 10000;
transition: opacity ease 1s;
#phHeader .messages .pageMsg.textOnly.normalImportance:hover,
#phHeader .messages:empty:hover::after {
opacity: 1;
#phHeader .messages:empty::after {
content: "Live";
font-variant: small-caps;
color: magenta;
@-moz-document domain("{production url}") {
#phHeader .messages:empty::after {
content: "Production: {production url}";
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ckoppelman commented Nov 16, 2015

For example:


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