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@cky cky/miller-rabin.rkt
Last active Jun 2, 2016

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My Miller-Rabin implementation (see for context)
#lang racket
(define (expmod base exp m)
(let recur ([exp exp])
(cond [(zero? exp) 1]
[(even? exp) (let* ([prev (recur (quotient exp 2))]
[result (modulo (sqr prev) m)])
(if (and (< 1 prev (sub1 m))
(= result 1))
[else (modulo (* base (recur (sub1 exp))) m)])))
(define (composite? n [trials 100])
(for/first ([i (in-range trials)]
#:unless (= (expmod (random 2 (min (sub1 n) 4294967087))
(sub1 n) n) 1))

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cky commented Jun 2, 2016

BTW, the (min (sub1 n) 4294967087), as opposed to just (sub1 n), is to prevent random from issuing a domain error.

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