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Clark Fitzgerald clarkfitzg

  • Math and Stats Department
  • CSU Sacramento
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import numpy as np
import scipy.linalg.blas
cdef extern from "f2pyptr.h":
void *f2py_pointer(object) except NULL
ctypedef int dgemm_t(
char *transa, char *transb,
int *m, int *n, int *k,
double *alpha,
halpo / Makefile
Created Nov 17, 2011
Makefile for R Packages
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# Makefile for generating R packages.
# 2011 Andrew Redd
# Assumes Makefile is in a folder where package contents are in a subfolder pkg.
# Roxygen uses the roxygen2 package, and will run automatically on check and all.
PKG_VERSION=$(shell grep -i ^version pkg/DESCRIPTION | cut -d : -d \ -f 2)
PKG_NAME=$(shell grep -i ^package pkg/DESCRIPTION | cut -d : -d \ -f 2)
R_FILES := $(wildcard pkg/R/*.R)