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Wikilink Attributes Extension for flexmark written in Clojure
(ns cwiki.test.util.WikiLinkAttributesTest
(:require [clojure.test :refer :all]
(:import (com.vladsch.flexmark.util.options MutableDataSet)
(com.vladsch.flexmark.parser Parser Parser$Builder)
(com.vladsch.flexmark.html HtmlRenderer HtmlRenderer$Builder)
(com.vladsch.flexmark.ext.wikilink WikiLinkExtension)
(cwiki.util WikiLinkAttributeExtension)
(java.util ArrayList)))
; Helpers
(defn wiki-markdown->html
(let [options (-> (MutableDataSet.)
(.set WikiLinkExtension/LINK_FIRST_SYNTAX true)
(.set WikiLinkExtension/LINK_ESCAPE_CHARS "")
(.set Parser/EXTENSIONS
(ArrayList. [(WikiLinkExtension/create)
parser (.build ^Parser$Builder (Parser/builder options))
document (.parse ^Parser parser ^String markdown)
renderer (.build ^HtmlRenderer$Builder (HtmlRenderer/builder options))]
(.render renderer document)))
; Tests
(deftest cwiki-attribute-provider-test
(testing "The ability to parse and attributize wikilinks."
(let [test-output (wiki-markdown->html "A [[wikilink|WIKILINK]] here.")]
(is (= test-output
"<p>A <a href=\"wikilink\" style=\"color:red;\">WIKILINK</a> here.</p>\n")))
(let [test-output (wiki-markdown->html "A [[missing link]] here.")]
(is (= test-output
"<p>A <a href=\"missing link\" style=\"color:red;\">missing link</a> here.</p>\n")))
(let [test-output (wiki-markdown->html "The [[All Pages]] page is special.")]
(is (= test-output
"<p>The <a href=\"All Pages\">All Pages</a> page is special.</p>\n")))
(let [test-output (wiki-markdown->html "As is the page that lists [[Orphans|orphan pages]].")]
(is (= test-output
"<p>As is the page that lists <a href=\"Orphans\">orphan pages</a>.</p>\n")))
(let [test-output (wiki-markdown->html "This is the [[Front Page]] of our wiki.")]
(is (= test-output
"<p>This is the <a href=\"Front Page\">Front Page</a> of our wiki.</p>\n")))
(let [test-output (wiki-markdown->html "The [[Front Page|front page]] appears first.")]
(is (= test-output
"<p>The <a href=\"Front Page\">front page</a> appears first.</p>\n")))))
(deftest cwiki-skip-parsing-embedded-wikilinks-test
(testing "Assuring that wikilinks embedded in code blocks are ignored."
(let [test-output (wiki-markdown->html "Should `ignore [[wikilinks]] in in-line code` sections.")]
(is (= test-output
"<p>Should <code>ignore [[wikilinks]] in in-line code</code> sections.</p>\n")))
(let [test-output (wiki-markdown->html " Should ignore\n the [[wikilinks]] in\n code blocks too.")]
(is (= test-output
"<pre><code>Should ignore\nthe [[wikilinks]] in\ncode blocks too.\n</code></pre>\n")))
(let [test-output (wiki-markdown->html "```\nAnd\n the [[wikilinks]] in\n fenced code blocks too.")]
(is (= test-output
"<pre><code>And\n the [[wikilinks]] in\n fenced code blocks too.</code></pre>\n")))))
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