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Compute 50 digits of pi using the venerable old dc utility.
[K 1+k 0 1 1lxlx*+v--lx/sxlf 2*sflx .5<=]s=
[K 1+k 0 1 1lxlx*+v--lx/sxlf 2*sflx 0 .5->>]s>
[ltklxlc*ld/Lxs.Las.Lbs.Lcs.Lds.Les.Lfs.Lgs.Lss.Lts. 3Q]s@
[lbls*sblcla*ldlb*+scldla*sdlcld/sglgle=@ lgsela 2+dsas. 1 1=?]s?
[0St0Ss0Sg0Sf0Se0Sd0Sc0Sb0SaSxlx 0=< Kst 1sflx .5<= lx 0 .5->> 0lx-lx*sslfsblfsc 1sd 1se 3dsas. 1 1=? Lxs.Las.Lbs.Lcs.Lds.Les.Lfs.Lgs.Lss.Lts.0 1Q]sQ
4 1lQx*ps.
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