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function MergeSort(arr) {
let len = arr.length, // number of items in the array
middle, // middle of the array
left, // left side of the array
right, // right side of the array
// Arrays with 0 or 1 elements don't need sorting
if (len < 2) {
return arr
middle = Math.floor(len/2)
left = arr.slice(0, middle) // left side, from 0 to the middle
right = arr.slice(middle) // right side, from the middle to the end
return merge(MergeSort(left), MergeSort(right))
// Merges 2 sorted arrays
function merge(left, right) {
let result = [],
i = 0,
j = 0
while(i < left.length && j < right.length) {
// Elements in both arrays are compared against each other.
// Whichever element is smaller it's inserted in the results.
if(left[i] < right[j]) {
result.push(left[i++]) // Each time a value from one array is added, it's
} else { // corresponding index variable is incremented.
// As soon as one of the arrays has been finished, the
// remaining values are added to the end of the result array
return result.concat(left.slice(i)).concat(right.slice(j))

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Ayush-Rajniwal commented Aug 31, 2019

Syntax error at line number 6.
Add a semicolon.

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