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Last active January 6, 2020 20:55
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alias edit-aliases='code ~/.zsh/aliases.zsh' # open aliases file
alias zshreload='source ~/.zshrc' # reload ZSH
alias shtop='sudo htop' # run `htop` with root rights
alias grep='grep --color=auto' # colorize `grep` output
alias less='less -R'
alias rm='rm -i' # confirm removal
alias cp='cp -i' # confirm copy
alias cal='gcal --starting-day=1' # print simple calendar for current month
alias weather='curl' # print weather for current location (
alias ..='cd ..'
alias ...='cd ../..'
alias ....='cd ../../..'
# List contents with colors for file types, (A)lmost all hidden files (without . and ..), in (C)olumns, with class indicators (F)
alias ls='ls --color=auto -ACF'
# List contents with colors for file types, (a)ll hidden entries (including . and ..), use (l)ong listing format, with class indicators (F)
alias ll='ls --color=auto -alF'
# Explain (v) what was done when moving a file
alias mv='mv -v'
# Create any non-existent (p)arent directories and explain (v) what was done
alias mkdir='mkdir -pv'
# Always try to (c)ontinue getting a partially-downloaded file
alias wget='wget -c'
# list our disk usage in human-readable units including filesystem type, and print a total at the bottom:
alias df="df -Tha --total"
# We might as well add an alias for our preferred du output as well:
alias du="du -ach | sort -h"
# Let’s keep going in the same direction by making our free output more human friendly:
alias free="free -mt"
# ========== GIT ALIASES ==========
alias gadd='git add'
alias gcom='git commit'
alias gsup='git status'
alias goto='git checkout'
# ========== PYTHON ALIASES ==========
alias pym='python3'
alias mkenv='python3 -m venv env'
alias startenv='source env/bin/activate && which python3'
alias stopenv='deactivate'
# ip address
alias ip="echo Your ip is; dig +short;"
alias help="cat ~/.zsh/aliases.zsh| grep alias"
function cd () {
builtin cd "$1"
ls -ACF
function install () {
which $1 &> /dev/null
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
echo "Installing: ${1}..."
sudo apt install -y $1
echo "Already installed: ${1}"
# git handling
function clone() {
git clone $1 $HOME/Workspace
cd $(basename ${1%.*})
if test -f "./package.json"; then
echo "..."
echo "Found package.json... installing dependencies"
echo "..."
npm install
# create files in subfolders
function touchp() {
mkdir -p "$(dirname "$1")/" && touch "$1"
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