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Claudia Pellegrino claui

High-maintenance maintainer
  • Darmstadt, Germany
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wget --no-check-certificate --recursive --no-clobber --accept "*.gz" --no-parent -l2
wget --no-check-certificate --recursive --no-clobber --accept "*.gz" -l2
wget --no-check-certificate --recursive --no-clobber --accept "*.gz" --no-parent -l3
jstewmon / aws-iam-poilcy-schema.json
Last active Sep 9, 2021
AWS IAM Policy JSON Schema
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"type": "object",
"required": ["Statement"],
"additionalProperties": false,
"properties": {
"Version": {
"type": "string",
"enum": ["2008-10-17", "2012-10-17"]
"Id": {
F21 /
Last active Sep 13, 2021
Signing someone's GPG key

This is a quick guide of the commands we use to sign someone's GPG key in a virtual key signing party.

Note: The steps cover only the technical aspects of signing someone's key. Before signing someone's key, you must verify their identity. This is usually done by showing government-issued ID and confirming the key's fingerprint

The commands will work for both GPG and GPG2.

I use Julian's key for the examples. His key id is 2AD3FAE3. You should substitute with the appropriate key id when running the commands.

Signing the key

  1. List the keys currently in your keyring: gpg --list-keys.
ladinu /
Last active Sep 6, 2021
NixOS install with encrypted /boot /root with single password unlock


  1. Encrypt everthing including /boot and /root
  2. Enter password once
  3. Support UEFI

Installation media setup

Download NixOS minimal iso and copy to USB stick. For example on Mac OSX

$ diskutil list
$ diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk1 # Make sure you got right device
ralphschindler / node_mate.rb
Created Oct 6, 2013
Running unsaved JavaScript though Node.js with TextMate 2 Notes: It's basically 2 files, one created with the bundle editor (See the tmCommand), and the actual node runner. This also requires an environment variable to be setup pointing to the node command line utility: TM_NODE=/usr/local/bin/node for node installed via homebrew
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require "#{ENV["TM_SUPPORT_PATH"]}/lib/scriptmate"
class NodeScript < UserScript
def lang; "JavaScript" end
def default_extension; ".js" end
def args
def executable; @hashbang || ENV['TM_NODE'] || 'node' end
def version_string
scoop / amazon-suggest-germany.php
Created Apr 6, 2013
Modified example Gist for Alfred 2 to use Amazon Suggest for (instead of the default Note: Remove `<?php .. ?>`, which I only added for syntax highlighting purposes.
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$w = new Workflows();
// Grab input and build query url string
$in = "{query}";
$url = "".urlencode( $in )."&search-alias=aps&mkt=4&x=updateISSCompletion&noCacheIE=1295031912518";
// Grab the data from Amazon
$str = $w->request( $url );