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Simple WebSockets Proxy for a MQTT broker
# This gist demonstrates a simple method to create a WebSockets proxy for a MQTT broker.
# I use this method to provide a WebSockets interface for the Mosquitto MQTT broker.
# This lets my browser based MQTT applications to access my MQTT broker.
# I consider this approach simpler than the common alternative which is to run lighttpd
# with the mod_websocket addon which can be complex to setup.
# Dependencies are Python, Twisted and Autobahn.
# This example sets up a WebSockets server listening on localhost:9000. Messages received from
# WebSocket clients are forwarded to the MQTT broker using the endpointforward plugin provided
# by Autobahn.
# This example assumes that the MQTT broker is running on the localhost:1883.
# This example assumes that the WebSocket client is running the paho or mosquitto Javascript
# library, both of which use the `mqttv3.1` binary subprotocol.
twistd -n endpointforward --endpoint "autobahn:tcp\:9000:url=ws\://localhost\:9000:subprotocol=mqttv3.1" --dest_endpoint="tcp:"
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