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Download an old Chromium binary


Taking denilson-sá's answer further...

You need revision numbers to grab downloads. So first lookup the full version string from the following URL, adjusting parameters as needed:

For Chrome version 28 the full version string is 28.0.1500.71. Now go to and enter the full version string ("28.0.1500.71") into the Position Lookup box. Copy the Base Position number ("209842" in this case).

You can use that base position number and platform as a filter at either of these URLs:

You probably won't have a perfect match on the base position number but you can at least use it to get close to the version you want.

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d65yan commented Jul 5, 2018

i can't seem to be able to find version 50+ this way. any suggestions

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mathiasbynens commented Sep 6, 2018

The OmahaProxy "Version Information" lookup doesn't seem to be working at the moment. In this case, you can get to the "base position" number by doing the following.

Let's say the full version string is 28.0.1500.71 like in the above example. Then, go to the following URL:${VERSION}/DEPS

i.e. in this case:

Then, look for 'src':. You'll see something like this:

  | '/branches/1500_68/src@209842',

The number following src@ is the base position.

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donaldr commented Apr 2, 2019

@mathiasbynens There is no 'src' for version 59.0.3071.0

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