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Hustlin' hustlin' hustlin' hustlin' hustlin'

Cliffano Subagio cliffano

Hustlin' hustlin' hustlin' hustlin' hustlin'
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var fs = require('fs');
var parser = require('fast-xml-parser');
const file1 = process.argv[2]
const file2 = process.argv[3]
console.log("Comparing " + file1 + " to " + file2)
const xmlData1 = fs.readFileSync(file1, { encoding: 'utf-8' })
const xmlData2 = fs.readFileSync(file2, { encoding: 'utf-8' })
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cliffano / repoman-notes.txt
Last active Mar 9, 2021
Utility scripts using repoman
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Poor man's quick stats of git logs analysis
Retrieve git logs across multiple repositories, then count the number of commits made by any author:
repoman exec 'git log' >> /tmp/gitlog.txt
grep "Author: " /tmp/gitlog.txt | wc -l
Count the commits by author:
cliffano / enable-crxde-64-inconsistency
Last active Jun 8, 2018
Enable CRXDE outputs AEM 6.2, 6.3, 6.4
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Based on
AEM 6.3 and AEM 6.2
[aem-6.3] curl -u admin:admin -F "jcr:primaryType=sling:OsgiConfig" -F "alias=/crx/server" -F "dav.create-absolute-uri=true" -F "dav.create-absolute-uri@TypeHint=Boolean" http://localhost:4502/apps/system/config/
<title>Content created /apps/system/config/</title>
cliffano / gpgcryptic.txt
Last active Jan 21, 2018
gpg cryptic errors
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I started getting the error below after upgrading to gpg (GnuPG) 2.1.21 .
gpg: signing failed: Timeout
gpg: signing failed: Timeout
This was confusing at first, but the timeout was caused by gpg showing a password prompt that takes the full screen of the terminal, and after a period of time, it returned to the command line showing the timeout error.
I didn't notice the password prompt at first because I was working on multiple terminals and only saw the timeout error at the end.
Another error that I encountered earlier was:
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set term png small size 800,600
set output "command-ps-graph.png"
set ylabel "%CPU"
set y2label "MEM"
set ytics nomirror
set y2tics nomirror in
set yrange [0:*]
cliffano /
Created Mar 11, 2017
Gource shell script for visualizing multiple GitHub repositories
set -e
set -u
# brew install gource ffmpeg
repos="<repo1> <repo2> ... <repoN>"
rm -rf repos logs out
cliffano /
Created Jul 29, 2016
wait for the existence of a facter fact via shell
if [ "$#" -ne 1 ]; then
echo "Usage: check-fact <fact_name>" >&2
exit 1
cliffano /
Created May 26, 2016
Terraform configuration for setting up S3 static site bucket with a Route53 A record.
variable "bucket_site" {}
variable "region" {}
variable "route53_domain_name" {}
variable "route53_domain_zoneid" {}
variable "route53_domain_alias_name" {}
variable "route53_domain_alias_zoneid" {}
provider "aws" {
region = "${var.region}"
cliffano /
Created Apr 27, 2016
Deactivate and clean nodes in PuppetDB
for DOMAIN in ${domains}; do
puppet node deactivate ${DOMAIN}
puppet node clean ${DOMAIN}