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Last active November 29, 2018 11:53
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Using Firebase Cloud Functions to Manage a Compound Key Index
* Function: indexArtist
* Triggered by writes to: /artists/:id
* Responds by writing to: /indexes/artist_by_genre (once for each Genre the Artist has chosen)
* If there was a previous value, all associated index entries are removed first.
* So, if the artist display name has changed or the genre list has changed,
* the index will be properly synchronized.
* See the explanatory article here:
* @type {CloudFunction<any>|CloudFunction<DeltaSnapshot>}
exports.indexArtist = functions.database.ref('/artists/{uid}')
.onWrite(event => {
// All the write promises this function will create
let writes = [];
let artistByGenreIndex = admin.database().ref('/indexes/artist_by_genre');
console.log('Triggered by artist', event.params.uid,;
// Remove any previous entries since genre or display name may have changed
var previous = ? : null;
let deletes = [], key, val;
if (previous && previous.genres){
console.log('Removing old index entries...');
previous.genres.forEach( genre => {
key = +;
deletes.push( artistByGenreIndex.child(key).set(null) );
console.log(deletes.length+' entries removed.');
// If any previous entries were deleted, wait until they finish
// You must return a Promise when performing async tasks in a Firebase Cloud Function
return Promise.all(writes);
// Add the keys for all Genres this Artist has chosen
function addKeys() {
const current = ? : null;
if (current && current.genres) {
console.log('Indexing artist: ', event.params.uid,;
current.genres.forEach( genre => {
key = +;
val = {key: key, artist: {user: current.user}, genre:genre};
writes.push( artistByGenreIndex.child(key).set(val) );
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