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Hide Genesis Blocks Pro License 'missing' Notification on Admin Screens
* Hide Genesis Blocks Pro admin notice about missing license key. Only makes sense if you know you didn't and won't enter one.
* StudioPress is dumb because they'll give give lifetime account holders access to the .zip but not a license key, making it an unnecessary headache to maintain, ugh, sucky.
* So here's a snippet to annoy you a little less by not seeing the Genesis Blocks Pro License 'missing' Notification on Admin Screens.
* You still need to manually update until StudioPress stops punching us in the face with this nonsense.
* @link This snippet.
* @link Genesis Blocks Pro's changelog to watch.
add_filter( 'option_genesis_page_builder_product_info_api_error', function( $value ){
if ( 'no-key' === $value ) {
return '';
return $value;
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