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Last active November 6, 2020 09:36
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Local (Lightning) Xdebug setup with PhpStorm

1) Local Lightning

Local Lightning works differently than the previous version of Local. This guide is for Lightning.

Install and activate the "Xdebug + PhpStorm" Local add-on. You'll need to restart Local app to complete installation.

Whenever a new site is added click its "Utilities" tab, then click "Add Run Configuration to PhpStorm" to insert "Local" with your site's URL as a "PHP Web Page > Server" in the Configurations, then specify its root location via Path Mappings.

2 min video walk-through (requires the following to be completed already... so continue below before trying to trigger an Xdebug breakpoint...)

2) The Copy/Paste

This is the DEFAULT that is already in php.ini.hbs:


REPLACE ☝ that with 👇 this (or your own variation):

;Added by Cliff
;xdebug.profiler_output_dir="/Users/cliff/Local Sites/YOUR_SITE/app/public/xdebug-profiling/" ;make sure folder already exists

3) Edit each PHP version's ini file

Go to a site in Local > Reveal in Finder:

  • site folder > conf > php > php.ini.hbs

If you started the site in PHP v7.3.5, for example, but then you switch it to PHP v5.6.39, you'll need to edit an additional ini file:

  • site folder > conf > php-5.6.39 > php.ini.hbs

Same for each additional PHP version you eventually add... per site.

4) Setup PhpStorm

Preferences > Languages & Frameworks > PHP > Debug > Xdebug > set Debug port to 9001

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