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Last active December 7, 2018 06:33
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A config file to load additional plugins for Perch CMS default Redactor editor
Perch.UserConfig.redactor = function(){
var get = function(profile, config, field) {
if (config.plugins.indexOf('source') === -1) config.plugins.push('source');
if (config.plugins.indexOf('fontcolor') === -1) config.plugins.push('fontcolor');
if (config.plugins.indexOf('alignment') === -1) config.plugins.push('alignment');
return config;
var load = function(cb) {
if (typeof jQuery.Redactor.prototype.source == 'undefined') {
jQuery.getScript(Perch.path+'/addons/plugins/editors/redactor-plugins/alignment.js', function() {
jQuery.getScript(Perch.path+'/addons/plugins/editors/redactor-plugins/fontcolor.js', function(){
jQuery.getScript(Perch.path+'/addons/plugins/editors/redactor-plugins/source.js', cb);
} else {
return {
'get': get,
'load': load
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clivewalker commented Jul 22, 2017

A config file to load additional Redactor plugins (View Source, Font Colour and Alignment) for Perch CMS. Based on the example at the bottom of this page. See also my post here.

This is a quick example that works on my site but there may be better ways of coding the load method for multiple scripts.

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