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write-host "Getting timerjob definitions..."
$jobs = Get-SPTimerJob | ? {$_.Title -like "Health Analysis Job*"}
if (!$jobs -or $jobs.Count -eq 0) {
# Maybe in German? :)
$jobs = Get-SPTimerJob | ? {$_.Title -like "Integritätsanalyseauftrag*"}
if (!$jobs -or $jobs.Count -eq 0) {
throw "Found no timerjobs."
write-host "Found" $jobs.Count "timerjobs. Calling RunNow on all of them..." -f y
foreach ($job in $jobs) {
write-host $job.Title
write-host "Getting Central Admin URL..." -f Y
$caUrl = Get-SPWebApplication -includecentraladministration | where {$_.IsAdministrationWebApplication} | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Url
write-host "Open IE with current timerjob status..." -f Y
$ie = New-Object -com internetexplorer.application;
$ie.visible = $true;
$ie.navigate($caUrl + "/_admin/ServiceRunningJobs.aspx");
write-host "finished" -f Green
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