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Created December 10, 2014 01:09
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Remove rpc, rcbops, and rackspace names from files and variables


Being that the ansible project is now a community project we should change the "rpc_", "rackspace_", ect... variables and files to something more community driven.

Problem Description

rpc_ is everywhere throuhgout the stack and should be refactored. I don't know what we should change these references to I was thinking "opc" but then again, Im open to suggestions.

Proposed Change

There are over 300 references to rpc, rackspace, rcbops throuhout the stack, not including license files. We should change prefix to be more community friendly.

Playbook Impact

Basically all playbooks would be effected by this change.


Leave everything they way it is.

Security Impact


Performance Impact


End User Impact


Deployer Impact

Users that were upgrading from previous generations of the stack would need to rename files/folders on the deployment host but there should be no other impact other than a cosmetic one.

Developer Impact


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