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Created December 10, 2014 04:10
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Change into a program


Ponder the idea of moving the script into an application that has entry points and a library that can be extended to support multiple storage backends; ie sql, reddis, json...

Problem Description

Presently the script is a bit one dementional. while it works well enough to build / scale out an infrastructure of both physical and container nodes it could be better developed, implement testing, and provide for a user importable API.

Proposed Change

  • The present would be changed to a wrapper script / function.
  • The new lib would be installable with the ability to provide / scale inventory as well as manage it.

Playbook Impact



leave things the way they are.

Security Impact

No impact on the library, though providing multiple storage backends for the library would open the inventory storage to possible attack vectors assuming the user used a shared storage system as the backend.

Performance Impact


End User Impact


Deployer Impact

The deployer would have to be aware of the inventory library in the sense that they would need to install it. Besides the added dependencies there shouldnt be a specific deployer impact.

Developer Impact

Added software dependencies.



Documentation Impact

The new lib / entry point scripts would need to be documented.



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