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Camille Louédoc-Eyriès clouedoc

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Last active Jun 9, 2021
Migrating from VSCode Insiders to VSCode Stable

Migrating from VSCode Insiders to VSCode Stable

The problem with VSCode Insiders is that it's unstable, and you have to fix issues every few days to have it still running properly.

This guide will help you with replicating your VSCode Insiders profile into VSCode Stable. There's no automated way of doing it.

1. Remove all extensions from VSCode Stable

Do it manually.

clouedoc /
Created Apr 21, 2021
Unofficial documentation of Multilogin + puppeteer

clouedoc's Multilogin documentation


When using a proxy with authentication, this error does come up.

The solution is to:

  1. add delay
  2. make the page go to a dummy URL first ( and handle the ERR_INVALID_AUTH_CREDENTIALS error by throwing a warning
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Last active Apr 14, 2021
Studying triple click's event flow

Studying triple click's property

When should we send mousedown and mouseup events?

document.querySelector('body').onmousedown = () => console.log('mousedown; ' + new Date().getSeconds() + ":" + new Date().getUTCMilliseconds())
document.querySelector('body').onmouseup = () => console.log('mouseup; ' + new Date().getSeconds() + ":" + new Date().getUTCMilliseconds())


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Created Apr 13, 2021
puppeteer-extra-plugin-stealth evasions for Antidetect browsers (Multilogin)

puppeteer-extra-plugin-stealth evasions for antidetect browsers


To check


Not needed

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Last active Apr 3, 2021
Installing Podman on MacOS using Vagrant (Arch Linux flavor). Last updated: april 2021

Installing Podman on MacOS

There is no standard or easy way to install Podman on your machine. So here is my flavour. I want it straightforward, easy to comprehend, and lighter than alternatives.

Introducing the Vagrant X Podman method, that I've just stolen from this blog post and modified to use Arch Linux instead.

The goal is to install an Arch Linux virtual machine using Vagrant, install podman on it, and then connect to it using podman-remote from the MacOS host.

Creating an Arch Linux podman-server guest.

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Created Nov 10, 2020
How to convert a parallels Virtual Machine to an ISO file ?

Converting a Parallels Virtual Machine to an ISO File

The method consists of using a GParted live CD (well, virtual ISO) that you boot on your virtual machine. Note that you'll have to change the boot order.

clouedoc / cartflows_mautic_contact_tracking.html
Created Feb 22, 2020
CartFlows automatic Mautic contact information population - can be used to send abandonment carts(not RGPD compliant !)
View cartflows_mautic_contact_tracking.html
<!-- NOTE: concerning phone number validation; replace FR with your targeted country code -->
<!-- libphonenumber-mex: validation du numéro de téléphone -->
<script src=""></script>
<!-- choppage des informations du visiteur -->
function deferMauticJQuery(method) {
if (Boolean(window.jQuery) && Boolean(window.MauticJS)) {
clouedoc / cartflows_facebook_advanced_mapping.html
Last active Feb 21, 2020
Enable Facebook Pixel Advanced Mapping with CartFlows
View cartflows_facebook_advanced_mapping.html
<!-- replace FACEBOOK_PIXEL_ID with your Facebook Pixel's ID -->
<!-- place this script in the "Custom Script" section of your CartFlows step -->
<!-- this will send user checkout informations to Facebook when one of the following buttons are clicked: the next tab button (bottom of first step) or the second tab button (at the top of the two columns checkout) -->
<!-- let's make this bread!! -->
// this function will execute the given method when jQuery becomes available
function defer(method) {
if (window.jQuery) {
clouedoc / include_in_head.liquid
Created Oct 27, 2019
Shopify LiveSession track.js integration
View include_in_head.liquid
{% comment %}
Please, copy and paste this in between LiveSession's <script> and </script> beacons.
{% endcomment %}
{% if customer %}
__ls("identify", {
name: "{{ }}",
email: "{{ }}",
{% if customer.last_order %}
params: {
clouedoc /
Created Aug 30, 2019
Catching VueJS vue-apollo mutation error

In fact, this.$apollo.mutate is a Promise.

                    mutation: ADD_USER_MUTATION,
                    variables: {
                      // your mutation variables
                }).catch(error => {
                    // handle errors here
                    console.log("error: ", error)