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Demonstrates the bug in Solidity which results in structs not being correctly stored in mappings.
contract Whois {
mapping(bytes32 => Address) addresses;
//Struct representing a postal address
struct Address {
bool initialized;
string identifier;
string street;
string city;
function buildAddress(string identifier, string street, string city) public returns(string){
Address storage addressInstance = addresses[sha3(identifier)];
addressInstance.initialized = true;
addressInstance.identifier = identifier;
addressInstance.street = street; = city;
return identifier;
function getAddressStreet(string addressIdentifier) public constant returns(string) {
Address storage addressInstance = addresses[sha3(addressIdentifier)];
if (addressInstance.initialized == false) {
// Unknown node, just return 0x0;
return "No address";
return addressInstance.street;
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