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Docker Container Name

A one paragraph description about the container.

Getting Started

These instructions will cover usage information and for the docker container


# delete local tag '12345'
git tag -d 12345
# delete remote tag '12345' (eg, GitHub version too)
git push origin :refs/tags/12345
# alternative approach
git push --delete origin tagName
git tag -d tagName
clsource /
Created Nov 23, 2018 — forked from heiswayi/
GitHub - Delete commits history with git commands

First Method

Deleting the .git folder may cause problems in our git repository. If we want to delete all of our commits history, but keep the code in its current state, try this:

# Check out to a temporary branch:
git checkout --orphan TEMP_BRANCH

# Add all the files:
git add -A

Install Homebrew

/usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL"

Install fish

clsource / birds-chile.json
Last active Jul 5, 2020
Birds from Chile (Aves de Chile) JSON file extracted from
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[{"data":{"id":76,"uid":"76-buteo-albigula","map":{"svg":""},"image":{"url":"","uri":"","filename":"17082018024245aguilucho_chico_tomas_rivas_web.jpg","name":"17082018024245aguilucho_chico_tomas_rivas_web","ext":"jpg"},"gallery":[{"url":"","uri":"","filename":"17082018024245aguilucho_chico_tomas_rivas_web.jpg","name":"17082018024245aguilucho_chico_tomas_rivas_web","ext":"jpg"}],"names":{"spanish":"Aguilucho Chico","latin":"Buteo albigula","english":"White-throated Hawk"},"audio":{},"info":{"name":{"name":"Nombre en Inglés","key":"name","value":"White-throated Hawk"},"dimorfism":{"name":"Dimorfismo","key":"dimorfism","value":"No"},"migration":{"name":"Migratoria","key":"migration","value":"Sí"},"size":{"name":"Longitud","key":"size","value":"38 - 48 cm."},"geo":{"n
View fizzbuzz.js
(() => {
const numbers = [0, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30];
const FIZZ = 3;
const FIZZ_WORD = "Fizz";
const BUZZ = 5;
const BUZZ_WORD = "Buzz";
const checkModuleIsZero = (numerator, denominator) => {
return numerator % denominator === 0;
clsource / permutations-in-array.js
Last active Jul 21, 2020
A solution to a problem with permutations in array
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// Camilo Castro <>
Given a numeric array. find the cardinality of the set where substracting (absolute)
every number pair inside the set, results 1, 0 or less.
array = [ 1,1,2,2,4,4,5,5,5]
clsource / .editorconfig
Created Aug 9, 2020
Example of Makefiles in Windows
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root = true
end_of_line = lf
insert_final_newline = true
indent_size = 2
indent_style = space
indent_style = tab
clsource /
Last active Aug 16, 2020
Find the Outlier

Encuentra el 'outlier' de paridad

Dado un arreglo de enteros (con un mínimo de 3 elementos, pero puede ser bien grande), el cual está compuesto en su totalidad por números pares o impares, excepto por un elemento (el outlier), escriba un método que encuentre ese outlier.

Esta función debe ser implementada en JavaScript y no se pueden utilizar librerias externas. Completa la función en el archivo pregunta1.js.


[2, 4, 0, 100, 4, 11, 2602, 36]
Debería retornar: 11 (el único elemento impar)
clsource / Commit
Created Aug 26, 2020 — forked from brianclements/Commit
Angular Commit Format Reference Sheet
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Commit Message Guidelines

We have very precise rules over how our git commit messages can be formatted. This leads to more readable messages that are easy to follow when looking through the project history. But also, we use the git commit messages to generate the Angular change log.

Commit Message Format

Each commit message consists of a header, a body and a footer. The header has a special format that includes a type, a scope and a subject: