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Item Time/Date Event/Comments/Links Creddit
1 Sun. Feb. 3, 13 PST Suspect wanted in connection with murder of two people in Irvine, CA. Woman was daughter of retired police Captain who reportedly represented the suspect in his termination hearing from the LAPD. The other victim was her fiance. Suspect was employed from 2005 to 2008 with the LAPD and was fired in early 2009 for "allegedly lying about actions of a fellow officer" he reported for excessive force. SeedyOne
2 Feb. 4-6, 13 PST Suspect posted his 11,000 word manifesto [another version, some are edited] to Facebook. Suspect's "target" list seems to be centered around 12 [now 11] people though ~40 names were mentioned. Please respect these people and their names and don't post information if you find the uncensored version. SeedyOne
3 Tue. Feb. 5-Wed. Feb 6, 13 PST Spotted near San Diego at the Loma Lake base which was locked down and reopened. It has been confirmed he stayed at a hotel near the base on Tuesday, checking out Wednesday. Source - KCAL9 News SeedyOne
4 Wed. Feb. 6, 13 22:00 PST Suspect allegedly tied up an 81-year old man and attempted to steal his boat but was unable to operate it. Suspect's wallet and a detective badge were found nearby. State-wide alert goes out via California Highway Patrol. Source - ABC7 News SeedyOne
5 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 ~01:25 PST Corona, CA - Citizen notified police that were protecting one of the suspect's targets of a truck that fit description. Upon following it, one officer was injured when the suspect fired at them grazing his forehead. They were not able to give chase. Source - KCAL9 News SeedyOne
6 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 ~01:45 PST Riverside, CA - Just minutes later about 5 miles away, two officers sitting at a red light had the suspect walk up and open fire. One officer (trainer) is killed, the other (trainee) is injured but expected to recover. * Source. - CBS* SeedyOne
7 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 05:15 PST Torrance, CA - A patrol unit assigned to protect a different target misidentified the blue truck with the two women delivering newspapers. Reportedly the headlights were off and officers opened fire in rapid bursts, a brief pause and then more bursts (according to witnesses). No details known if they identified themselves first. Both women were hit, one twice in the back and one in the arm. Both are expected to recover. Source. - LA Times. SeedyOne
8 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 05:20 PST A few blocks from the first mistaken-identity shooting, police were responding to the shots fired call and came across another similar truck to the suspect's. There was a collision to the rear of the vehicle and police fired three shots (at least) into the windshield. The driver was luckily uninjured and not involved. Source. Source - LA Times SeedyOne
9 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 13:41 PST) Big Bear, CA - A burned-out truck matching the description of a getaway vehicle owned by triple-murder suspect was found in the San Bernardino mountains. [edit: CONFIRMED to be his truck]. Source - KCAL9 News SeedyOne
10 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 ~16:00 PST Large tactical operation going on in the San Bernardino Mountains north of LA (Big Bear) involving SWAT and other agencies as they scan the area. Agencies have now demanded air news teams not show the search locations, which two local news organizations called an "unusual request", despite the logic behind it. Source - KCAL9 News SeedyOne
11 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 17:15PM PST Suspect mailed a package to CNN's Anderson Cooper who confirmed via Twitter. The package contained a note, DVD and a coin that had been shot through with bullet holes in it. Source - LA Times. SeedyOne
12 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 17:35 PST Tracks found leading away from the burned out vehicle in Big Bear but no suspect has been found. Tracking dogs, air resources (with FLIR night vision) and ~125 Law Enforcement officers are in the area doing door to door searches. Source - press conference. SeedyOne
13 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 17:40 PST Suspect called himself a "top shot" Sharpshooter. The Navy has three levels of proficiency [edit: above the base qualification that is]. These are Marksman -> Sharpshooter -> Expert as the top level. Reportedly he's listed as a Marksman with rifles (lowest level) but he's listed as an Expert (highest level) with a 9mm pistol. Source - CNN's Anderson Cooper. SeedyOne
14 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 17:55 PST Suspect's recent history - Appeal to get his job back was denied in 2011, upholding original decision back in 2008 to fire him. In 2007, he had reported a fellow officer for excessive force on Mr. Christopher Gettler. In his statement, he said that "she stood up and kicked Gettler twice in the left clavicle. And then...kicked him on the left cheek, causing him to start bleeding". It was later reported Mr. Gettler was schizophrenic and that Dorner filed the complaint about his fellow officer two weeks later. His allegation was denied by the female officer, the claim was classified as "Unfounded", he was charged with "making false statements" and officially fired in early 2009. In December 2012, he defaulted on his home in Las Vegas and just days ago his Naval Reserve career was terminated [edit: honorable dischage]. Source - ABC7 News. SeedyOne
15 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 18:00 PST Suspect's home near Las Vegas is surrounded but empty. The search area is covering all of California and parts of Nevada at this point. Other areas heavily involved in California are Corona, Riverside, Irvine and Big Bear Lake. Big Bear ski resort and schools around the various incidents have been closed. Source - ABC7 Los Angeles. SeedyOne
16 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 19:05 PST West coast is in prime-time TV so not much news/info on the air, just non-sourced info from the scanners. News back on in a few hours, will update if new info. SeedyOne
17 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 20:20 PST FBI is finishing up at his Las Vegas home, FAA completely restricting airspace above search and the coin mailed to CNN's Anderson Cooper was a "Challenge Coin" given to him by his former boss LAPD Police Chief William Bratton. SeedyOne
18 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 20:30 PST Pictures of the items mailed to Anderson Cooper. The challenge coin and DVD. SeedyOne
19 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 21:05 PST Written on duct tape that the coin was wrapped in is "Thanks but no thanks Will Bratton" as well as "1 M.O.A." [edit: per user /u/November_Bravo "1 Minute of Angle, in shooting terms this means being accurate enough to shoot a ~1" group at 100 yards"]. The video is apparently of Mr. Getter's interview after the event. He is the schizophrenic man Dorner claimed was a victim of excessive force. Getter's testimony supposedly confirms Dorner's complaint to his superiors but nothing has been shown to the public to confirm this. Source - LA Times. November_Bravo, SeedyOne
20 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 21:15 PST Press conference - ~400 homes expected to be checked this evening. No sightings or signs of him outside of the last tracks in Big bear in the snow/mud. No new tracks of a second vehicle near the original burned out vehicle. Schools and ski resort are opening back up, implying the area around Big Bear is relatively clear but search is ongoing in poor weather conditions. Aerial support is still flying, two SB County helicopters and one LA County chopper all of which with F.L.I.R. infrared/night vision technology. Source - KCAL9 News SeedyOne
21 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 21:40 PST KCAL9 reporting multiple news sources received letters/DVDs from the suspect. Only Anderson Cooper got the coin, reportedly. Also reports that some of Dorner's equipment, including police related items were found in a trash bin as early as Monday in San Diego. Source - KCAL9 News SeedyOne
22 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 22:10 PST Alleged excessive force victim Gettler's family interviewed, confirms suspect Dorner was standing up for their son (their words) but then pleaded with Dorner to turn himself in and stop hurting people. Also, the boat he tried to steal was unable to launch because a rope got caught in the propeller. The owner said the suspect mentioned "heading to Mexico". Source - KTTV Fox 11. SeedyOne
23 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 22:30 PST Online court documents reportedly show that the LAPD questioned Dorner's excessive force claims because of the timing of reporting it to his supervisor. Apparently he received an unsatisfactory performance review just before that, saying he'd have to "improve in order to move up in the department". Dorner had then filed a wrongful termination suit against the LAPD. Source - KTLA 5 News. SeedyOne
24 Thur. Feb. 7, 13 23:05 PST Dorner was honorably discharged from the reserves last Friday. Suspect was reportedly married for ~30 days back in 2007. LAPD has doubled up all patrols, no solo officers. Motorcycle cops have been put into cruisers for their protection. Various units at key strategic targets and the entire state is reportedly on tactical alert. Source - KNBC 4 News. SeedyOne
25 Fri. Feb. 8, 13 00:01-09:00 PST Various hoaxes, false reports, etc. Car in San Diego and sighting in white Lexus appear to be bogus. Protection has been stepped up at most police stations and many federal buildings. A vehicle matching with Dorner's plates was found in San Diego but proved to be the vehicle he swapped license plates with before burning the truck later. Source - CBS. SeedyOne
26 Fri. Feb. 8, 13 09:00 PST Weather hampering search efforts, Bear Valley schools did end up staying closed (despite earlier reports), ski resort is open. Press conference expected around 9:15AM. SeedyOne
27 Fri. Feb. 8, 13 09:15 PST Press conference in Big Bear - Houses in the area have been checked, they will continue searching the area "until he is found or proven to have left the mountain". LAPD, however, has called off their tactical alert despite increased patrols. Helicopters are grounded because of the heavy snow. Search is ground only, SWAT in SnowCats, APCs with chains on them, etc. Efforts have zeroed in on a wooded area about a mile away from Bear mountain. Original snow tracks from the burned out vehicle were followed as far as possible until they hit frozen ground and lost them. Source - SB County Sheriff John McMahon. SeedyOne
28 Fri. Feb. 8, 13 09:25 PST LAPD has changed from emergency calls only to normal service now that more re-enforcements have been called up (overtime, longer hours). Source - KTLA 5 News SeedyOne
29 Fri. Feb. 8, 13 10:50 AM L.A (Twin Towers) County Jail and street shut down after 'sighting.' [Fri. February 8, 2013 (12:05 PST) - false sighting, lockdown lifted - credit: /u/earlierson].Source - LA Times (credit: /u/popsquat and /u/aohus) SeedyOne, earlierson, popsquat, aohus
30 Fri. Feb. 8, 13 11:00 PST LAPD back on citywide tactical alert. Source - CBS/KCAL. SeedyOne
31 Fri. Feb. 8, 13 11:40 PST A second news conference has been scheduled for 12:00PM. I now should be able to watch it and will monitor sites/comments for updates. SeedyOne
32 Fri. Feb. 8, 13 12:15 PST Press conference, not much new. However, it was reported that according to LAPD, the suspects ex-wife works at the jail that was locked down earlier. Sheriff McMahon stated "There is a reasonable belief he has left the area." However, they will keep searching the area for clues. Source - KNX 1070 Radio. SeedyOne
33 Fri. Feb. 8, 13 12:30 PST Police are preparing to enter a home in La Palma, CA that is identified as suspects last known address (apparently his mother's house now).
34 Fri. Feb. 8, 13 13:15 PST Search underway at home of suspect's mother. Source - CBS. SeedyOne
35 Fri. Feb. 8, 13 15:45 PST Officials have released the last known images of the suspect, obtained from surveillance video at an Orange County hotel on January 28th. Source - CBS SeedyOne
36 Fri. Feb. 8, 13 16:15 PST Mother of the suspect owns property in the San Bernardino Mountains according to the local Sheriff's Department spokeswoman. Source - OC Weekly SeedyOne

Item Time/Date Event/Comments/Links Creddit
1 Fri. Feb. 8, 18:30 PST Footage of suspect's firearms training video released. Source - CNN SeedyOne
2 Fri. Feb. 8, 19:00 PST Search called off for the night because of extreme weather conditions. Police will remain in the area. Source - FOX 11 News SeedyOne
3 Fri. Feb 8, 19:28 PST In reference to the Thu. Feb. 7, 13 13:41 PST entry in part I, we have learned that the truck's axle was broken, there were rifles left in the vehicle and that footprints around the vehicle doubled back into the community. According to latest reports, no weapons were found in it (ammo only). It's also been noted that his family used to own property up in those mountains. Source John Miller interview on Anderson Cooper 360 - CNN FarkIsFail, SeedyOne
4 Fri. Feb. 8, 19:45 PST Several grocery bags of evidence were removed from the home of the suspect's mother. Neighbor claims suspect was “friendly” when she spoke to him last week as he was moving camouflage bags to his truck. Source - CBS SeedyOne
5 Fri. Feb. 8, 20:45 PST LAPD Scanner requesting Chopper with FLIR to investigate bag near rail yard that may be "trash" but appears to be long enough to hold rifles. Chopper dispatch stated he would send pilots over. bonked_or_maybe_not
6 Fri. Feb 8, 20:35 PST Video deposition of the man at the center of the excessive force claim filed by the suspect. JeffBoucher
7 Fri. Feb 8, 21:36 PST Possible Man with Gun - Possible AW suspect on N. Saint Louis Source - LAPD scanner Update 22:45 PST, seems unrelated after further info bonked_or_maybe_not
8 Fri. Feb 8, 22:16 PST User derphurr posted several images of the vehicles involved in the story in the past day derphurr
9 Fri. Feb 8, 22:21 PST Dorner's ex-girlfriend describes him as mentally emotionally disturbed. Source - LA Times (Edited Tue, Feb 12, 12:09PST based on info from hiphophippo in this comment deepfry
10 Fri. Feb 8, 22:26 PST New LA Times Article on the state of the manhunt posted Source ThereIsNoJustice
11 Fri. Feb 8, 22:36 PST More updates on the shooting of the blue Tacoma from the LA Times derphurr
12 Fri. Feb 8, 22:46 PST Scanner report question if LAPD was still on TAC Alert Status - this was confirmed by dispatch. Source - LAPD Scanner bonked_or_maybe_not
13 Fri. Feb 8, 22:55 PST San Diego on Monday, Dorner threw out “Magazine full of bullets and belt and a helmet,” into a dumpster at 9am across from Nation City Police station. Source - Fox 5 San Diego derphurr
14 Fri. Feb 8, 22:59 PST Authorities searched a Las Vegas home Thursday afternoon that Dorner used to live in but not before telling neighbors to leave the area because of a bomb threat. Glen Lacuesta, 34, who lives next door, said he left the neighborhood for about two hours. He described Dorner as "kind of aggressive," which made him nervous. Source derphurr
15 Fri. Feb 8, 23:25 PST IRT Item 9 - Dorner filed a restraining order again his ex-girlfriend stating he feared for his life after she stated, "I have nothing else to lose" So this could be a lot more convoluted and much more he said she said bitterness between a couple of exes. Source ltjboy03
16 Sat. Feb 9, 06:08 PST Search set to resume at Big Bear at 7 AM PST bam2828
17 Sat. Feb 9, 06:32 PST Oldest known webcache of the manifesto found overnight, dated Feb 4, 2013 09:22:36 GMT (Feb. 4, 2013, 01:22:36 PST) - Link to Cache, link to screenshot Link to legible screenshot, link to pastebin of text from cache seriouslynotcool posted here
18 Sat. Feb 9, 07:49 PST User KanoOnAPhone dug up photos of what appears to be Dorner's Nissan from Google Street View before the incidents began. Source KanoOnAPhone
19 Sat. Feb 9, 08:11 PST User Maker86 provides us links to story about Dorner's Navy Records Maker86
20 Sat. Feb. 9, 08:14 PST Another screen capture of the Manifesto found in the Google Cache as captured by the Google Web Cache on Feb. 4 seriouslynotcool
21 Sat. Feb 9, 08:41 PST CBS Reports manhunt has resumed at Big Bear. Source bonked_or_maybe_not
22 Sat. Feb 9, 08:43 PST Moment of silence has been planned for Monica Quan by Cal State Fullerton women's basketball team, Quan was an assistant coach Source bonked_or_maybe_not
23 Sat. Feb 9, 08:55 PST Big Bear Police Scanner reporting hearing music playing in woods and are approaching the area - possibly unrelated Thrice_Eye
24 Sat. Feb 9, 10:00 PST Charlie Sheen pleads for Dorner to call him Source FarkIsFail
25 Sat. Feb 9, 10:57 PST Numerous redditors point out fresh tracks found in snow at Big Bear on Big Bear Scanner Jack_of_all_offs, Ahaze, Waterlesscloud
26 Sat. Feb 9, 12:30 PST CNN posts in depth article including backstory on the events Source CNN percussaresurgo
27 Sat. Feb 9, 12:56 PST CBS report Weapons and Cold Weather Gear found in truck Source bonked_or_maybe_not
28 Sat. Feb 9, 13:09 PST Found Oakland Tribune Article with more details of the firing from Feb. 7. Includes the following "After the incident outside the DoubleTree in 2008, Dorner's accusation against his training officer was proved false. In a series of hearings, hotel bellhops and officers testified that the man taken into custody had not been kicked. Dorner was terminated for falsifying that police report." First I have seen reporting non-police testimony conflicted with his version of events. bonked_or_maybe_not
29 Sat. Feb 9, 13:38 PST Numerous redditors report suspect matching Dorner's description reported on Big Bear Scanner asking for money in parking lot Rubbermensch, percussaresurgo
30 Sat. Feb 9, 15:20 PST Article about Aircraft helping in the manhunt Source flapsin

Item Time/Date Event/Comments/Links Creddit
1 Sat. Feb. 9, 15:45 PST Timeline Part II continues here DornerCase Mods
2 Sat. Feb. 9, 17:00 PST Evidence is collected from a storage unit by police your_real_father
3 Sat. Feb. 9, 17:10 PST Fake calls to the police reported as people pose as Dorner piuch , derphurr
4 Sat. Feb. 9, 22:40 PST LAPD reopens the case around Dorner's termination to "ensure that the public knows that the Los Angeles Police Department is fair and transparent." junkyarddog27
5 Sun. Feb. 10, 7:11 PST A man claiming to be Christopher Dorner, the former LAPD police officer who is the subject of a massive manhunt in California after allegedly killing Monica Quan and two others, called Randall Quan, Monica's father, and told him that he "should have done a better job of protecting his daughter," according to court documents cited by ABC. Source mikepop
6 Sun. Feb 10, 08:52 PST Police will be offering reward for info leading to Dorner's capture. Source cha0s, peeinmyblackeyes
7 Sun. Feb 10, 10:54 PST Dorner Manhunt Scares Skiers away from Big Bear Resorts - Source nyomythus
8 Sun. Feb 10, 10:56 PST Updated info regarding Part III, Item 6 Item 5, saying call was traced to Vancouver, Washington Source & local radio station KFI AM640 Kison, dezerttim
9 Sun. Feb 10, 11:03 PST JUST IN: Police evacuated an apartment in San Bernardino after a false report that #Dorner was seen there, according to Lt. Madden. Source Twitter of Keley Duckett, a Business and News reporter for the Long Beach Press Telegram ChocolateRambo in the IRC
10 Sun. Feb 10, 11:06 PST The Bear Mtn command post is being dismantled. Sheriff's officials will be out of this area by 11 am. Source Twitter of crime and safety reporter for San Bernardino County User Dennis_ in the IRC
11 Sun. Feb 10, 11:10 PST Another source (KTLA) for Part III, Item 9 nyomythus
12 Sun. Feb 10, 11:22 PST Regarding Part III, Item 6, Reward Posted as $1M USD Source LA Times Rubbermensch
13 Sun. Feb 10, 11:23 PST Article regarding PR situation for LAPD from the manhunt Source nyomythus
14 Sun. Feb 10, 11:30 PST More details regarding the shooting of the Blue Toyota Tacoma Source derphurr
15 Sun. Feb 10, 11:40 PST LAPD Concerned Dorner could appear at tonight's Grammy Awards Source User Dennis_ in IRC
16 Sun. Feb 10, 14:10 PST LAPD offers "a $1 million reward Sunday for the capture and conviction of Christopher Dorner" Source User Dennis_ in IRC
17 Sun. Feb 10, 14;15 PST Name released of officer shot on Magnolia Avenue in Corona, California on February 7. Slain Riverside Police Officer's name is released: Michael Crane, 33, 11 year veteran. 1996 graduate of Redlands HS, a former Marine. Source herpdurr
18 Sun. Feb 10, 14:15 PST Two sailors reported Dorner approached them Wednesday and spoke with them for about 10 minutes at a San Diego coastal riverine unit -- a quick, small boat fighting team -- where Dorner served in 2006. Source derphurr
19 Sun. Feb 10, 14:45 PST A list of donors for the reward money includes: "departments in Long Beach, San Diego, Irvine and Riverside are among the donors to the reward. The list also includes USC President Max Nikias, the Dodgers, AEG, the Safer CA Foundation, the Orange County Crimestoppers and six anonymous donors." Source User Dennis_ in IRC
20 Sun. Feb 10, 16:05 PST LAPD Scanner reporting they are blocking off Lowe's parking lot [on Devonshire?] where report of suspect matching description has been made. Officers on radio do not sound confident it is him but are treating the incident as if it is for safety - switching networks to TAC Channel bonked_or_maybe_not, ThereIsNoJustice
21 Sun. Feb 10, 16:12 PST LAPD Scanner stated they have reports Dorner is using a white Dodge Charger Wagon - this is part of the discussion overheard before switch on item 20 ThereIsNoJustice
22 Sun. Feb 10, 16:19 PST Devonshire confusion in 20-21 was the Devonshire Division control being called, seems this is the Lowe's User Dorner in IRC
23 Sun. Feb 10, 16:37 PST Twitter post @lascanner big police presence and airship at Lowe's in Northridge. What's the haps? seems to confirm location in 22 User _Dennis in IRC
24 Sun. Feb 10, 16:52 PST More confirmation of location from Twitter Source User _Dennis in IRC
25 Sun. Feb 10, 16:56 PST Photo from twitter of roadblock/perimeter being setup around Lowe's Source Dblueguy
26 Sun. Feb 10, 17:04 PST Fox 11 supposedly showing Lowes Situation - need links Source bonked_or_maybe_not
27 Sun. Feb 10, 17:05 PST Fox 11 Live Feed User _Dennis in IRC

Item Time/Date Event/Comments/Links Creddit
1 Sun. Feb. 10, 17:08 PST Timeline Part III continues here DornerCase Mods
2 Sun. Feb. 10 17:12 PST Suspect Vehicle Description Cream Color Dodge Magnum - Source LAPD Scanner bonked_or_maybe_not
3 Sun. Feb. 10, 17:28 PST Pic of staging area at Northridge operation from twitter Source User Dennis_ from IRC
4 Sun. Feb 10, 17:30 PST Apparently they're searching Lowe's and customers now Source gazzawhite
5 Sun. Feb 10, 17:39 PST LA Times posts interactive map of manhunt. Source rioamericanosucks
6 Sun. Feb 10, 17:50 PST Patch article of Lowe's Incident in Northridge Source User wood8 in IRC
7 Sun. Feb. 10, 18:07 PST ABC 7 Confirms Lowe's incident related to Dorner Search Source User _Dennis in IRC
8 Sun. Feb 10, 18:20 PST LAPD Scanner just stated that customers are out of Lowe's and K9 Search was beginning of the building - also search beginning of vehicle in question. bonked_or_maybe_not
9 Sun. Feb 10, 19:45 PST Scanner chatter: Dorner is not at the Lowes Various IRC users
10 Sun. Feb 10, 21:51 PST KHSL-TV / KNVN Action News Reports "There's been shots fired at an officer in Orland. Glenn County Sheriff Larry Jones says a deputy tried to pull a person over, and that person fired at the deputy. It's not clear if the suspect has been caught, of if anyone was hit. A helicopter is searching a nearby neighborhood." bonked_or_maybe_not
11 Sun Feb 10, 22:05 PST Item 10 does not seem related based on response/reaction following its release bonked_or_maybe_not
12 Sun Feb 10, 23:11 PST Anonymous Claims to have taken down LAPD website (almost don't think this belongs in the timeline, but for posterity sake) Source bonked_or_maybe_not
13 Mon Feb 11, 10:50 PST Dorner called "a colleague" late Saturday afternoon. Detective suggests Dorner "[has] been buying pre-paid disposable cell phones. He'll use them once, turn them off and discard them and virtually at that stage there's no way to track his location.” Source ThereIsNoJustice
14 Mon Feb 11, 10:50 PST LAPD lifts tactical alert. Source rioamericanosucks
15 Mon Feb 11, 13:45 PST Dorner officially charged with "murdering a Riverside police officer and special circumstances that could bring the death penalty."Source ThereIsNoJustice
16 Mon Feb 11, 17:30 PST Video shows Dorner filling oxygen tank scuba gear 48 hours before his first attack. Source piuch

Item Time/Date Event/Comments/Links Creddit
1 Mon. Feb. 11, 17:40 PST Timeline continues here DornerCase Mods
2 Mon. Feb. 11, 19:20 PST Dorner "could have fled to Mexico, according to documents filed in federal court."Source 1 Source 2 unsexyMF, chrono_xl
3 Mon. Feb. 11, 19:40 PST Police searched a hotel in Tijuana for Dorner, finding nothing. Source your_real_father, shortymcboogerballs
4 Mon. Feb 11, 20:53 PST LAPD "Crippled" by Dorner Search, Limited in Response to Other Crimes Source your_real_father
5 Mon. Feb 11, 23:05 PST LAPD using FBI and outside consultants to figure out how Dorner may be thinking as they appear to be confused by his actions. Over 800 tips called in about Dorner. LAPD escorting threatened officer and family on outings.Source nist7
6 Tues. Feb 12, ~13:15 PST Officers and Dorner engaged in gun battle - numerous live streams - CBS news claims that they are in the "middle of the action" - Dorner using smoke grenades and several officers are down saying they are receiving automatic weapon fire IRC
7 Tues. Feb 12, ~13:38 PST Scanner traffic said he is using a cabin and fire is coming from there San Bernadino Country EMS live feed
8 Tues. Feb 12, 13:40 PST 2 Wounded officers being moved via truck to Medivac Chopper San Bernadino County EMS Live Feed
9 Tues. Feb 12, 13:43 PST Home Invasion in nearby area reported Suspect may have stolen a white truck IRC
10 Tues. Feb 12, 13:54 PST Google Map of the location of the firefight Source Comment
11 Tues. Feb 12, 14:00 PST Local CBS news just confirmed Dorner did a home invasion earlier tied up a couple and stole their silver pickup CBS Stream
12 Tues. Feb 12, 14:02 PST CBS Confirms 2 Deputies wounded in firefight
13 Tues. Feb 12, 14:04 PST Scanner traffic sounds as if they believe suspect is cornered in house/cabin they are surrounding
14 Tues. Feb 12, 14:11 PST Police request media to cut chopper video feeds of the cabin
15 Tues. Feb 12, 15:18 PST CBS News showing police searching all vehicles coming down from mountain, Humvee/ATV being delivered via truck. User in IRC shared this youtube clip of the audio of the gun fight from the scanner Various - will source from logs
16 Tues. Feb 12, ~15:00 PST Notes of the Press Confrence SeedyOne
17 Tues. Feb 12, 15:28 PST One of the officers deputies shot and airlifted today has died dblueguy in IRC
18 Tues. Feb 12 14:51 PST Sources now say LE vehicles speeding back down mountain Source SexualChocolate in IRC
19 Tues. Feb 12 16:04 PST CBS/CNN showing officers suddenly letting cars go by without searching them after two hours of them being searched - shortly prior IRC users talked of hearing scanner traffic sounding like they were going into the house Various IRC Users
20 Tues. Feb 12 16:07 PST CBS reporter saying that they last heard shots of tear gas being fired into the cabin about 1 hour ago, no shots since - he says they are trying to communicate with suspect via megaphone Various IRC users
21 Tues. Feb 12 16:13 PST CBS reporter just stated they have just fired more tear gas and he can see the green gas rising as he is calling in via cell phone CBS Feed Reporter Carter Evans
22 Tues. Feb 12 16:14 PST 4 more tear gas canisters fired into the cabin CBS Reporter Carter Evans
23 Tues. Feb 12 16:16 PST Significant cloud of white smoking coming from cabin after numerous tear gas rounds fired - Scanner just said "7 Burners deployed and we have a fire" CBS News / San Beranadino County Sheriff Scanner
24 Tues. Feb 12 16:17 PST Scanner Be advised we have fire on the front, he may try to come out the back San Beranadino Sherrif Scanner
25 Tues. Feb 12 16:18 PST Scanner "Cabin Fully Engulfed" in fire - Carter Evans and Scanner Scanner/CBS's Carter Evans
26 Tues. Feb 12 16:20 PST CBS Reporter Carter Evans at location "This building is fully engorged in fire, no effort being made to put the fire out - all police are standing with their guns drawn as this fire burns" CBS
27 Tues Feb 12 16:21 PST Scanner "One shot fired from within the residence" Scanner
28 Tues Feb 12 16:22 PST Ammo exploding inside Scanner
29 Tues Feb 12 16:23 PST Confirmed that both officers shot today were San Bernardino County Deputies, one has passed away the other is in surgery but expected to survive CBS SB Sheriff Press Conf.
30 Tues Feb 12 16:27 PST Sides 2, 4 fully engulfed, fire moving to side 3 Scanner
31 Tues Feb 12 16:28 PST CBS Carter Evans is saying that it is possible Dorner escaped earlier before the fire due to tracks leading away from the cabin to a horse corral, but doesn't sound they are taking it as a credible threat CBS Carter Evans on scene
32 Tues Feb 12 16:30 PST Scanner "Do you want to have fire start putting water on it once the roof starts to collapse" and "3-4 Corner there is a lot of room left that has not caught yet" SCANNER
33 Tues Feb 12 16:33 PST "Control we still have lots of ammo cooking off" Scanner
34 Tues Feb 12 16:37 PST "Not ready for fire, this thing is well constructed and we have no fire in the back over here - no adequate penetration on the 3-3 or the 3-4 and still have live ammo popping" Scanner
35 Tues Feb 12 16:42 PST "Fire on the 3-4 Corner" "Still not ready for fire, it is spreading here but just a lot of smoldering" Scanner
36 Tues Feb 12 16:43 PST Fire not being allowed to fight by the officer in charge on the 3-4 side Scanner
37 Tues Feb 12 16:44 PST More ammo going off, 3-4 is fully engulfed Scanner
38 Tues Feb 12 16:45 PST "I am told this cabin has a basement so as a precaution, I am going to let that heat burn through to the basement" Scanner
39 Tues Feb 12 16:46 PST One of the fire fighters on scene was raised in that exact building and is providing detail of the basement ceiling Scanner
40 Tues Feb 12 16:47 PST Basement ceiling is wood - west side Scanner
41 Tues Feb 12 16:49 PST Basement is on west side and that is the side not completely destroyed by fire Scanner
42 Tues Feb 12 16:49 PST Carter Evans of CBS on scene is saying that officers on scene are lowering postures, less of them holding guns at ready etc. On scene commander still not allowing fire dept to fight fire Scanner/CBS News
43 Tues Feb 12 16:52 PST Door to basement on the 3-4 side has no smoke coming from it - also requesting fire fighter that was raised to tell if there is a reason for ammo in the house other than suspect Scanner
44 Tues Feb 12 16:52 PST Smoke canister just flew or was thrown from the structure Scanner
45 Tues Feb 12 16:55 PST "Now have good penetration on the 2-3 side, fire seems self-contained, I'm gonna let it go" Scanner
46 Tues Feb 12 16:57 PST The east corner of the building has completely collapsed Scanner
47 Tues Feb 12 16:58 PST Press Conference regarding situation being joined by CBS San Bernardino County Sheriff

Item Time/Date Event/Comments/Links Creddit
1 Tues. Feb. 12, 17:18 PST Timeline continues here DornerCase Mods
2 Tues. Feb 12, 17:18 PST Audio Archive of the San Bernardino County Sheriff System 7/8 Live Audio Feed - Fire occurs about 25 mins in Source bonked_or_maybe_not
3 Tues. Feb 12, 16:49 PST "We have confirmation from the Los Angeles Police Department the ex-cop from LA was shot and killed by a local sheriff's department sniper." - Source UNCONFIRMED Froakie
4 Tues. Feb 12, 18:09 PST "You can release the lockdown" I believe this is rejoining channels 7/8 and 5/6 on scanners based on the fact that once said, they combined to the same calls - bonked_or_maybe_not Scanner
5 Tues. Feb 12, 18:13 PST KTLA is reporting Dorner as dead. Source Ultradroogie
6 Tues. Feb 12, 18:28 PST KTLA stopped using graphic with "Killed" stamp, some residents in the area being allowed back into the area - KTLA lynx501
7 Tues. Feb 12, 18:37 PST Audio of Big Bear Scanner when shootout began uploaded to user Punchbowl in IRC
8 Tues. Feb 12, 18:43 PST "BREAKING: A body believed to be that of fired LAPD officer Dorner recovered in burned-out cabin where police & gunman shot it out earlier." Source CBS user rdv in IRC (numerous others...)
9 Tues. Feb 12, 19:01 PST Numerous conflicting reports - CBS and KUSI claiming body has been removed others (NBC, ABC) claiming the building is still burning - CBS does have Carter Evans on scene as he was caught up in the initial shootout he is with the officers at the cabin. Tons of IRC and Thread posts
10 Tues. Feb 12 19:52 PST 7:09pm LAPD sends out press release saying that the LAPD has not confirmed or made any statements regarding a body being located, removed, or identified from the location in Big Bear. Source /u/mybossthinksimworkng and tons of others
11 Tues. Feb 12 19:56 PST UPDATE: Riverside County Police Chief Sergio Diaz says Christopher Dorner's body was found inside a burned cabin where Dorner engaged in a gunfight that killed a sheriff's deputy and injured another. The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department is expected to make a statement soon.Source dblueguy in IRC
12 Tues. Feb 12 20:06 PST LAPD publicly states they will continue protection detail and do not have any kind of confirmation regarding a body found - protection will continue until body is confirmed to be Christopher Dorner and no investigators (as of 8 minutes ago) have been in the building, they are adamant that there is no body that has been removed and that any announcement of such shall come from the San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept. CBS Stream of LAPD Press Conf. Typed as it was being announced
13 Tues Feb 12 20:43 PST FROM THE MOD bonked_or_maybe_not - The "Get the gas burn it down" video is NOT, I repeat NOT from the timeframe being claimed - please read bonked_or_maybe_not
14 Tues Feb 12 21:26 PST Comparing Audio with IRC transcripts, this audio is from approx ~15:50 PST - at ~1:08 you will hear "We're going to go ahead with the plan, go ahead with the burn" they also mention blood splatter here - this was just as people found the feed in IRC so our recording in item 2 picks up shortly after this clip Source birdsofprey
15 Tues Feb 12 21:38 PST Re: audio in item 14 - the blank parts of the audio are taken out - the "we have a fire" was at ~16:15, please compare the times on timeline V when listening to that audio bonked_or_maybe_not
16 Tues Feb 12 22:01 PST Neal Barton (item 3) sticking to his guns - "KETK Neal Barton Straight from the folks who shot and killed him. Then they tear gassed which caught the cabin on fire. They let it burn because of ammo and the ex-cop had bomb experience. It takes a while. Thank you for all of your posts."Source SlothilyLazy
17 Wed Feb 13 17:49 PST "After a long manhunt culminating in gunfire and a cabin set ablaze, the search for accused murderer and ex-cop Christopher Dorner seems to have ended. Police say the charred body found inside the cabin was unrecognizable, but they claim there is no doubt their suspect is dead" Source NBC user wallyflies in IRC
18 Thurs Feb 14 20:00 PST Dorner's remains are officially verified via dental record. Source Various
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