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snmpindex_dct example usage
from Products.DataCollector.plugins.CollectorPlugin import SnmpPlugin
from Products.DataCollector.plugins.CollectorPlugin import GetTableMap
class MyPlugin(SnmpPlugin):
relname = 'myrelation'
modname = 'ZenPacks.example.MyStuff'
snmpGetTableMaps = (
'', {
'.1': 'someIndex',
'.2': 'someAlternateIndex',
'.3': 'someName',
def process(self, device, results, log):
rm = self.relMap()
for snmpindex, row in results[1].get('sometable').items():
# Any SNMP datasources with the
# prefix will use someAlternateIndex as their snmpindex
# instead of the component's snmpindex attribute.
snmpindex_dct = {
'': row.get('someAlternateIndex'),
om = self.objectMap({
'id': self.prepId(row['someName']),
'title': row.get('someName'),
'snmpindex_dct': snmpindex_dct,
return rm
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