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@cmaneu cmaneu/Brewfile
Last active Jul 31, 2017

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Xamarin Mac Automated Setup
# Taps
tap 'caskroom/cask'
tap 'caskroom/fonts'
# Install ZSH
brew 'zsh'
brew 'zsh-completions'
# Install GNU core utilities (those that come with macOS are outdated)
brew 'coreutils'
# Install GNU `find`, `locate`, `updatedb`, and `xargs`, g-prefixed
brew 'findutils'
# Install Bash 4
brew 'bash'
# Install core dev utils
brew 'git'
brew 'openssl'
brew 'wget'
# Install Docker tools
brew 'docker'
brew 'node'
brew 'npm'
# Install desktop apps
cask 'google-chrome'
cask 'vlc'
cask 'visual-studio-code'
cask 'android-sdk'
cask 'android-studio'
cask 'visual-studio'
cask 'docker-toolbox'
cask 'microsoft-office'
cask 'dotnet'
echo "Setting up your Mac..."
# Check for Homebrew and install if we don't have it
if test ! $(which brew); then
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
# Update Homebrew recipes
brew update
# Install all our dependencies with bundle (See Brewfile)
brew tap homebrew/bundle
brew bundle
echo "done"
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