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Last active Mar 11, 2019
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Station F Containers Demo

Station F - 1001 lives of containers in the cloud

This gist contains my demo script for "1001 lives of containers in the cloud" tech conference.


  1. Hello Docker
  • Run a simple container
  • Run an Ubuntu Bash
  1. Hello Docker Devs
  • Run Azure CLI from docker
  • Build my first image
  • Run my first image
  • Explore logs (cli and VSC)
  • Debug in a container !
  1. Hello Cloudy Docker
  • Push a container in ACR
  • Deploy a container in ACI
  • Deploy ghost in Azure Web App
  1. Prod apps
  • AKS - Scaling
  • CD/CI
  • Azure monitor
  • Application Insights
docker --version
docker run hello-world
docker run -it ubuntu bash
> ls, uname
docker run -it microsoft/azure-cli:latest
> az login
> az group list
docker build -t cmaneu/sfdemo .
docker images
docker run -p 8080:3000 cmaneu/sfdemo
docker ps
docker log
docker tag hello-world
docker push
az group create --name demosf --location westeu
az container create \
--resource-group demosf \
--name helloaci \
--image microsoft/aci-helloworld \
--ports 80 \
--dns-name-label "aci-demo-sfd" \
--location westeu
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