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Defines the “glue” between a BottomSheetCallback and the Espresso IdlingResource framework.
abstract class BottomSheetResource(
private val bottomSheetBehavior: BottomSheetBehavior<View>
) : IdlingResource, BottomSheetBehavior.BottomSheetCallback() {
private var isIdle: Boolean = false
private var resourceCallback: IdlingResource.ResourceCallback? = null
override fun onSlide(bottomSheet: View, slideOffset: Float) {}
override fun onStateChanged(bottomSheet: View, newState: Int) {
val wasIdle = isIdle
isIdle = isDesiredState(newState)
if (!wasIdle && isIdle) {
override fun isIdleNow(): Boolean {
return isIdle
override fun registerIdleTransitionCallback(callback: IdlingResource.ResourceCallback) {
resourceCallback = callback
val state = bottomSheetBehavior.state
isIdle = isDesiredState(state)
if (isIdle) {
} else {
abstract fun isDesiredState(@BottomSheetBehavior.State state: Int): Boolean
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daniellAlgar commented May 17, 2021

May I ask what the BottomSheetBehaviourWrapper looks like?

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cmathew commented May 24, 2021

May I ask what the BottomSheetBehaviourWrapper looks like?

Oh, that's a simple wrapper class we use for Mock-ability in unit tests. But the standard BottomSheetBehavior will suffice for this example - I updated the gist to use that.

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daniellAlgar commented May 31, 2021

Thank you kindest!

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