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let getFactors (value : bigint) =
let isFactor i pf =
i % pf = 0I
let rec potentialFactors start i = seq {
match start with
| Some v when v > 2I -> for a in v..2I..i do yield a
| Some _ | None ->
yield 2I
yield! potentialFactors (Some 3I) i
let rec loop acc lf i =
let findFunc = isFactor i
let seq = potentialFactors lf i
match Seq.tryFind findFunc seq with
| Some (f) -> loop (f::acc) (Some (f)) (i / f)
| None -> acc
if (value < 0I) then loop [-1I] None (value * -1I)
elif (value > 0I) then loop [] None value
else []
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